Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve at my mom and dad’s house is always a magical time of the year: This year was not much different then the lasts ~ Except ………….. We are much more grateful then ever before:

My dad is doing wonderfully and is as strong as ever. He is recovering nicely from his , shall I say, tackle with Rurt-ro, I mean, Ruffo his dog. She is very sorry and embarrassed about the whole “little” incident, as she likes to call it.

Although my dad is a little slower then normal these days, it is very good to know, this year, just like every year, he kept up his tradition of shopping for the love of his life on Christmas Eve.

To my mothers much delight, and our relief, our father can stay another year.

Among the many Christmas gifts that were given and received:

There was an elegant table

with great food
There were smiling faces to be seen every where!

More smiling faces. There were lots of presents! There was music
and great conversation. A tea party was given. Supporters of our up and coming president were at the party.

The Mob even came!

We had such a great time celebrating Christmas, and just being together. With so many things to celebrate, we have to say, we are grateful too: Joe is doing well. He and Karen were able to share the season with us. For many, many years of good luck, Joe’s grandparents gave him Waterford Champagne glasses and we toasted to his very bright future and only future successes. OHH! AHH!

It was all very bubbly and wonderful!
Mary Elizabeth has finally decided her father is worthy of calling him by name. To much of Mark’s Christmas joy ~ Christmas morning she was saying “Daddy” and they have been joined at the hip since. (………it is not that she couldn’t say Daddy……….She wouldn’t say Daddy……….this is one of the many reasons her father calls her………”Sassy Mai”)

In the end, Matthew was very tired!
As our Christmas story comes to an end it is far from over:
To much of our surprise and delight we are very pleased to announce……………॥

Our Sweet Stephanie got married!

We were able to meet Stephanie’s Prince Brian………….who seems to be a very nice man and loves his new wife very much.

The father of the Bride couldn’t be happier and has welcomed his new son in law with open arms.
As Karen said……………..”It was a very good year!”