My Little Boys

To anyone who reads my blog and has never met my sons, I want to introduce them to you:

My sons would make any mother proud. I am honored to have these guys call me “Mom”. They have always been close and I think home schooling has made them even closer. They share everything from a small bedroom to big dreams.

My little boys have big values and strong opinions about very hard issues. These guys, although young in years, can hold a conversation with any adult about hard issues. They understand a challenge and love a good debate.

They work hard and will do anything their Grandfather asks of them. They want more then anything to make him proud. They want to learn what he knows and they want to share with him what they know. They are always teaching the people around them and my little boys, are always ready to learn.

They have big feet, big hands and bigger hearts.

Most of all, I know they love me and they truly love their Nana.

Stephen 14, Nana ?? Matthew 16

The Trolls Under My House

Sometimes life throws you curve balls that just seem to be a lot to take:

So anyway;

On Tuesday this week, George comes over with a flashlight and a clip board. I say “Hi, How are you? What are you doing?” He tells me he has to go under my house for a minute to check something. I say, “Okay, See you in a minute.”

When he comes back out he has a look of concern……….he says “I don’t know if you know it or not, but you have a really big problem under your house.” I listen and say, Well…………I’m sure, it will all be okay, we just can’t do anything right now………Mark will take care of it …I gave my list of reasons why we have to wait……no work, the economy, the kids, school, I’m really under a lot of stress and on and on and on.
He says, “Well, okay. I am just concerned.” and he leaves.

The next thing I know:

George calls me and says “I talked to Dad. Tommy and I will be at your house first thing in the morning……”

I say “Huh??” I call my father and give my list of concerns……… father says

“Oh! Dear, Don’t worry so much. It has to be done and now is the time to do it.”

I say “Huh?????” and hang up

And then……………… I worry!

Day 1

I can’t sleep. I am so worried………….George comes with Tommy. They head under the house, do some things, but it is all very quite.

I wonder…….

Did the trolls take up residence down there?

I go about my day, and really don’t hear much of anything going on. I wonder and worry……………

Then George calls…………..

I answer timidly…….


He tells me, Your heating unit is frozen and that is really very bad. Your going to have lots of trouble if you don’t ……….. yadda, yadda, this yadda yadda that.

UGGG! I tell him if he does not stop finding things wrong with my house he has to leave!

I call Mark. Mark says he knows……… We will take care of it………..Don’t worry!

Day 2

I still can’t sleep…………….the morning comes very fast.

George again! And Tommy! I think, Oh Man! What are we going to do? How can we? This and that?!?

George says, Superman , I mean, Dad says don’t worry…………….


Then the work starts:

Hammer, hammer, bang, bang,……….. I feel strangely happy…………the sounds of the hammering seems comforting to me, the drilling, the sawing …………I like it all.

It makes me think of the way things were when I was growing up. There was always something going up or coming down.

It all feels…….. progressive.

In with the new

Out with the old
Day 3

I sleep a little better……but I am still awake on and off through the night………

The morning comes……………

More George, more Tommy:

More hammering, more banging:

The sun is shining, the temperature will be as high as 60 degrees today.

Things feel good. The floor already seems stronger and things really do not seem that bad.
I know the work is done with the highest of skill and I feel confident once again, my father really does know best. It is such a gift to have people in my life who say they care and then act.
George is right!

“Where there is a Willy, There is a way.”

Old Friendships and Blessings

The day started with much anticipation. I knew there was no work for Mark. I knew school had to be done. I knew that even though Mark had taken and passed a plumbing test for his license, it was the wrong test. We were not sure what to do about it, or what we should do next. We were not even sure if he could use the harder test he passed, to get the lesser license. But, the thing that weighed on me the most was that: I knew an old friend was coming by today and I was nerves.

This friend and I use to have the greatest of friendships. We could discuss anything. We would share stories, hold each others children, and cry on each others shoulders. We shared birthdays, and always shared the Christmas season.

We use to…………….

Then something happened……….. The friendship ended as quickly as it had began.

A year went by and we talked very little. She prayed for my father and for Joe. I prayed for her, her sister, her mother, and other family members as each one of them went through some trial of life that I knew about. Even though we are neighbors, we really did not speak, wave, or see each other. I did not call it a friendship. I didn’t call it anything……..

I missed what was…….

As another year went by, and life moved on. We both became pregnant again at the same time. This time it was me that miscarried and she had the beautiful baby. This time I understood her pain of losing a child better then I wanted too. The loneliness of the miscarriage was strong for me. During her pregnancy, for some reason, this old friend would send me ultra sound pictures of the child she was carrying. I would look at them, and as I did it was all very healing for me. As I looked at the pictures I prayed for the beautiful child.……I prayed for the health of the baby and I prayed for the health of this old friend. The baby arrived and as far as I knew everyone was healthy.

Then Christmas came and I recieved a picture card, and a seasonal Christmas letter. I thought it was all a mistake, but read it anyway. It was nice to see the kids and know that everything seemed to be okay.

Then, invitations to a blog came, agian I thought maybe it was still a mistake but then maybe it wasn’t. Maybe, I should just take a look and say hello…………..

I’m so glad I did.

As I end my day today, I can go to bed with a smile on my face and a little more at peace……Even though the phone did not ring and there are no jobs for tomorrow. Today I know, Mark is a great test taker and taking the wrong test has turned out to be a good thing for us.

………….The old friend came and brought new friends……………….

Our two year old daughters played together for the first time. Her little boy played again with my very big boys. And, I enjoyed it all very much.
Best of all………

I got to hold Leah……………and the old friend felt like she never left.


This is Bill……………

These are his proud parents…….

This is the cabinet that Bill built….

This is the house that holds the cabinet that Bill built…….
This is the house that holds the cabinet, that holds the fine china and memories, in the cabinet that Bill built……
This is the house, that holds the cabinet, that holds the fine china and memories, that holds the wine that Matthew and Stephen made, in the cabinet that Bill built…… This is the house that holds the cabinet, that holds the fine china and memories, that holds the wine that Matthew and Stephen made, that holds the special statues in the cabinet that Bill built…… Bill built the cabinet not only because he is a very fine crafts man. He made the cabinet with love that shows through and through. He choose only the finest trees to make into wood. While putting it all together without any nails like only an artist could…….
Through this cabinet one can see how much Bill cares, and how gentle he can be.

Even though Bill didn’t say, it is easy to see he made this cabinet to honor his parents. He made this cabinet to show his appreciation for the God given talents his mother and father nourished in him along the way…….

This is Billy, who helped his dad make this fine cabinet, to give with love to the Grandparents that nourished his dad’s God given talents, that have been passed on to Billy and shared with love.

Ending the Old Year and Bring in the New

2008 ended quietly for us:

Stephen was sick so we decided it would be best to stay in for the day and night.

However, a little illness in the house did not keep Grandma away. She decided it was time to come and see us and we were very glad she did.

Elizabeth was delight to see her Gram, more food and “PRESENTS!”

We had a very quite time enjoying the day with Grandma, Kim and David. We talked, ate and shared more gifts. It was all very cozy and a nice way to end the year.

In the light of 2009 Stephen was much better and we were able to join in on the traditional New Years Day “Good Luck” Southern Meal…………of Black eye peas, collards and Ham………………

Unfortunately, for us, none of us like Black eye what ever and collards ~ “Gross! What’s that?” BUT, for good merit and our Southern children we all tried to give it the “good old Yankee try”.

Thank goodness Margaret made rice and a salad. We could have starved to death!

For some reason, Reiner seemed a little tense and looked like he wanted to start a fight. But then again, how can you take a man seriously wearing a Minnie Mouse oven mitt………..?

Sometimes I wonder about that man.

My mom must have had a taste of the same wine, peas or something,

She was outside attacking the children!
I wonder if it is the black eyed peas, the collards or the combination of the two foods that make southerners so rowdy………… I just don’t know.

At the end of the day everything seemed almost normal again…………….

until I saw my parents walking home.

As Margaret and I looked out the window, we saw our father pushing his walker down the road. Our mother was at his side with her wine tucked snugly under her arm.
Saying “Good Night folks!’
Happy New Year to everyone!