2008 ended quietly for us:

Stephen was sick so we decided it would be best to stay in for the day and night.

However, a little illness in the house did not keep Grandma away. She decided it was time to come and see us and we were very glad she did.

Elizabeth was delight to see her Gram, more food and “PRESENTS!”

We had a very quite time enjoying the day with Grandma, Kim and David. We talked, ate and shared more gifts. It was all very cozy and a nice way to end the year.

In the light of 2009 Stephen was much better and we were able to join in on the traditional New Years Day “Good Luck” Southern Meal…………of Black eye peas, collards and Ham………………

Unfortunately, for us, none of us like Black eye what ever and collards ~ “Gross! What’s that?” BUT, for good merit and our Southern children we all tried to give it the “good old Yankee try”.

Thank goodness Margaret made rice and a salad. We could have starved to death!

For some reason, Reiner seemed a little tense and looked like he wanted to start a fight. But then again, how can you take a man seriously wearing a Minnie Mouse oven mitt………..?

Sometimes I wonder about that man.

My mom must have had a taste of the same wine, peas or something,

She was outside attacking the children!
I wonder if it is the black eyed peas, the collards or the combination of the two foods that make southerners so rowdy………… I just don’t know.

At the end of the day everything seemed almost normal again…………….

until I saw my parents walking home.

As Margaret and I looked out the window, we saw our father pushing his walker down the road. Our mother was at his side with her wine tucked snugly under her arm.
Saying “Good Night folks!’
Happy New Year to everyone!

6 thoughts on “Ending the Old Year and Bring in the New

  1. Lisa, this is so awesome. I’m really glad that you started this up so I can see what is happening with y’all. (Or you guys. Whichever!) I love that picture of your mom and dad walking down the street with the wine bottle tucked under your mom’s arm. I LOVE IT!! They look so happy, all the time. What a wonderful gift they are. As everyone grows older, you are so lucky to have such a strong foundation for your family. I can see that now, more than ever.Happy New Year!! Love, Jenny


  2. Hey Lisa and y'all,The kiddos are adorable and Gram, too! Looks like everyone is very happy and healthy.Hilarious pic of your Mom & Dad making their way home with the walker and wine. What a great combination! He is just remarkable! They both look terrific!Happy New Year and wishing you all FINE ADVENTures in 2009!Smooches,Regina


  3. Your parents look GREAT! Than again, they always have. Your father has one of the most upbeat, positive attitudes I have ever encountered. Please send them our love…esp. around the holidays, we really miss you guys, for it brings back memories of past Thanksgiving's & Christmas's we spent with you and the fam.


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