I am now the mother of a teenage driver! This statement really scares me.

First of all, I can’t figure out how my son got so old and I have managed not to age at all. But, never the less, I now find myself sitting in the passenger seat.

Matthew’s first time driving me

Now that Matthew is driving, I think he will be a good driver…..I hope. He is smart, safety conscious, by personality and he really knows the rule book……..that’s good right?

The one thing that really scares me about this “driving thing” is he forgets things, by personality…..He forgets things like; looking to see if cars are coming into his lane before he turns or backs up without looking and the old forgetting to turn the blinker on when turning….he has forgotten to go……… and that leads me to my number one fear…..he may forget to stop! Yicks!! That is what the six month drivers permit is for……… right? With a parent by his side we should be able to guide him into the transition of passenger to driver………So, I have to teach him to drive well………….. ME!!

I keep telling myself, I have taught him many things, after all we home-school. We can do this…….I help him with his math and Literature. We talk about history, Apologetics and I help with the debate club “stuff ….However, I do not DO his Science. I can’t help there………He past me long ago on this one. As his mother and teacher our lives are full of learning from each other………I have even taught this kid how to punch like a man ………but…….. this driving thing really has me shaken.

Matthew looking very intellectual

I think of myself as a fair teacher…. Most of the time……However, I do not think I am a good driving teacher. I get too scared. I really feel bad about the whole thing because of course , all this makes him very nerves……….I suck all my breath in really fast or say “OH! GEE!” “It’s okay….. we’re okay.” and then the other kids ask “what is wrong Mom?” “Isn’t Matthew doing a good job?”……… Not very comforting…. I know!

My poor son!

He has said to me many times……….”Dad is easier to drive with.” I tell him I know and I am sorry. I also tell him, I really wish dad could be the one to help with this one…..We both know he is the better parent for this job. But, I am the one that has to get us through……… I am the one that drives us were we need to go.

So, I am the one that has to calm down and learn how to teach our son to drive…………right????

Matthew did tell me the other day he thought I was doing better.

He really is a nice kid.

3 thoughts on “Mathew Driving Me

  1. You could have knocked me over with a feather the first time I saw him driving!!! Jeez…time has just flown!!! Seems like just yesterday I was teaching him Social Studies!!! I’ll be praying for you on this, my dear. 🙂 I KNOW your nerves must be a wreck…mine would be!!!!


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