Yesterday, I went with Kathryn and the club she belongs to, called the “Little Flowers”, to a nursing home. The group wanted to hand out home made Valentines, Mary Kay hand lotion and some foot cream.
It was a great experience.
It just so happened that day the director in the nursing home said “her” people needed a “pick me up.” Our group of girls had just the thing an aching heart may call for……….Little Flowers handing out well wishes, candy, presents and hand crafted valentines to people they didn’t even know.
That day, the people in the Nursing home where grieving over a death of one of their close friends from early that same morning. They where more then happy to see our girls come in and spread cheer.
At first the girls were very shy and nervous until they discovered the people in the home were just like the people they know and love in their homes. It was so amazing to see how all the girls slowly bloomed from shy little flowers into loving, caring roses that wanted to make a difference in someone’s day.
All the girls lovingly gave out “thier goodies” while they talked to the residence. Everyone felt great about how they were spending their Valentines Day.
I really think these young woman understood they where actually making an impact on someone’s day. Before we went into the home, the mothers where telling the girls…..”How life was not about what you get, it is more about what you give”…..and yadda, yadda, yadda.
It seemed to me that day…..the message was not just for our little girls………the message went to the big girls as well.
I was ,of course, encouraged the most by my little flower, Kathryn.
To the outside world she is a shy, quite girl that is not always sure of herself. In my world she is a loud Tom boy that tries very hard to keep up with her 6 foot plus, brothers and dreams of “whipping the tar out of them”. Kathryn loves animals of all kinds, music and her baby sister.

This day I saw my future in “my Little Flower”. She blossomed into this loving young woman who gently opened gifts and lovingly read the cards she crafted for people she was afraid to meet. She held hands with sick strangers. She gave hugs to grandparents who told her they didn’t get to see there own granddaughters and could she just do this one more thing.


Sometimes I wonder…….. am I doing enough for society? Am I helping others the way I should be? Should I be fund raising, doing bake sales and doing all those other outside things people do to make a difference……..I wonder and then I research……. and then I think…….. I am just a stay at home mom that home schools her kids. I take care of my family, teach my children, help my husband and try to help my extended family…………..then I look at my girl……my little flower

AND I know……….

3 thoughts on “My Little Flower

  1. It’s a great group. Kathryn’s a a great kid! I’m so glad she’s part of the little flowers and NOT a menace to society like …..her mother! šŸ˜‰ Love, Aunt M (can’t give my real name; may get beaten up)


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