My sister, Margaret, and my cousins Jen and Charlie are running in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society TEAM in Training, San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon on May 31.
Jen is raffling off everything but the kids and the kitchen sink for donations. If you could take the time to go to her sight…… and give a lot or a little to this cause. It would be greatly appreciated. Jen has some amazing posts and to my astonishment writes something almost everyday. It is worth your time and is always a good read.
On this site you will see Team in Training Sites. Please click on anyone of those sites and give what ever you can………the money all goes to good things like………Saving Lives. We know 100% the LLS does not give to embryonic stem cell research. Which, as Catholics, we like…….. and we also know 100% research saves families like ours…………

As they say in the South “Praise GOD!”

For if it where not for Cancer Research I would not have my father today. AND we as a family would not be whole. It has been 4.5 wonderful years more with this man……..who we all love very much………..the wind beneath his wings (our mother and his wife of 56 years) would be even more lost then any of us.

My mom and dad

Although, Margaret, Jen and Charlie and countless of others are preparing to run a race that should take them 5-6 hours and are putting their bodies and families through hard core training; it is people like my father, Jen’s Friend, Deana and the little boy Brayden, who is only two and half years old and who my friend Melissa is begging prayers for have the hard part in this race……… For they are fighting for their lives.

Please give………to any of these sites…………

I am pasting the web pages only because I am new at this blog thing and I cannot figure out how to add these on to my web page yet.

When I figure it all out I will have them on my site.

To help out ,a little, I will be donating Mary Kay profit money to these teams in training. If anyone wants to have a party or buy products from Mary Kay ~ tell me that you would like the profits to go to TNT Cancer Research. It would be my pleasure and privilege to do this. I would also like to add; I can ship the products to you and I offer free shipping.

This is my web page

We all have to join this fight:

For cancer knows no discrimination…………… my mother says ” Read the list of Cancer victims and pray Catholic, Muslim , Jewish or Buddhist……..that it doesn’t happen to you or a loved one. Run, Run, Run for life.”

2 thoughts on “Run, Run, Run for your Life

  1. I am soooo proud of you, my dear friend!! You are doing a PHENOMENAL job keeping up with the Blog!!! :):)And thank you so much for mentioning Brayden. His story has really touched my heart…just as your Father’s did…and every other cancer story I hear. Please let M know we’re “rooting” for her and are humbled by her endeavor.Love you…


  2. This post made me cry! Not sure if it's because of the message about our wonderful parents or the fact I committed to run 26.2 miles !?)and need to raise $2500.00 to reach the goal! I can not get over the overwhelming support and stories that Jenny & I've received in the past few weeks from people that we've never met. It's really a great organization! Such incredible people who have been stricken with cancer and such an amazing group of people who have already donated towards this cause and finding a cure! Thanks for putting it on your site. Love, Marg


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