"Not Me Monday" @ 90 degrees

Not me Monday on a Tuesday:

Really this is okay.

First of all ,this is my blog and if I get to a “Not me Monday” on a Friday then, so what? I will not, however, get to Not Me Monday on a Sunday ~ I am never that far ahead…………I’m always days behind.

Second and best of all, this is a “Not Margaret Monday” and was just too funny not to post.

Sorry Sis!

But, I had to!

Here goes:

Margaret did NOT see me walking Sunday afternoon with Kathryn and Elizabeth in a back pack. She did NOT try to stop to see if we were okay……….(Yes! We were having a very happy time.) But, she couldn’t stop because a car was coming our way. She did NOT travel down the road out of site and didn’t come back.

I waited, gave her a call………….She did NOT answer saying “Oh! Sorry! Oh Gee! I’ll call you back. Every thing is okay.” I then see her Night in Shinning Armor drive past with a wave and a look of distress.

I continued walking, not knowing; as she turned around to check on me, just like a good Samaritan would, she did NOT roll off the road and did NOT roll right into a ditch.

Yes, Everything was fine and dandy! She was NOT at a 90 degree angle and did not notice right away something was a miss.

She did NOT have to have 3 grown men sit on the back of her trunk to hold the car down at ground level while she tried to back the car out! It was just luck a neighbor had a tractor for the job.

Her son was NOT very shaken and he did NOT tell me later, “My mom is a good driver. But, she is a better crasher.” He did NOT decide to drive home safely with his dad.

To our amazement the car did not have a scratch on it and the people where fine…….Well, Alex might not be. But………..there is time and therapy he will get over it.


Margaret did NOT film this video. She would have held the camera straight rather then at a 90 degree angel. When we tried to fix the video we could not……..It has come to our attention a video cannot be flipped like a picture.

This is a video of my brother,George, pushing a boat across a field into a pit of fire. He bought the boat a few years ago. He wanted to fix it up and then take it sailing. He could not work on the boat to make it sea worthy because he broke his leg badly shortly after his purchase.
The leg healed. The boat, however, did not!
Is this what happens when your “Ship comes in and your at the Airport?”

Really, if you hold your head at a 90 degree angel you can’t even tell.

Prayers for Stallen

I put this new button on my blog and I am quite proud of myself. I am getting the hang of this “Layout” and “blog” thing.

Now it is time for serious talk:

The button comes from the “Not me Monday” button or pin. I am not really sure what they call it in the blog world. For those that don’t know, click on the button. That will take you to the site this story is on. There you can read the full story about this child and put this special button on your own blog.

I put the “Not me Monday” button on weeks ago. I have had lots of fun playing with the “NMM” and have not looked back until the other day;

Now, I find this family in under more stress I can ever imagine. They have a 5 month old child that has a heart condition and is not doing well.

It really makes me think of how truly blessed we are to just have the “little troubles” we have in our lives. Let me tell you we have been through some rough times with my father’s illness, Mark’s father’s death, lay off after lay off, under employment and that is just the fun stuff.

But, This………This is huge.

If you pray, pray for this family and this child. If you don’t pray but do other things then do them. (I can’t even imagine what it could be)……but…Do it….Do it for this family…….

This baby is only 5 months.

It was for the kids

A few Saturdays ago, I got to take Elizabeth to a Character Breakfast. A good friend invited me to go with her and her children. We had a great time…………..and……. I think the kids did too.

The girls were not really sure of what to think about it all.
But, they loved the pancakes and balloons that decorated the Hall.
We saw lots of characters like Dorothy and the Tin Man


This guy………….Who ever he is.
The best part was the party on wheels.
AND just hanging out with my friend…..
I mean for Elizabeth to hang out with her friends……..
Yeah, the best part for the kids,
was to hang out with their friends….
That’s right……..
it was for the kids.
Remember that Melissa………It was for the “Kids.”

Oprah Said

Oprah Said, “Throw out your scale”…………..I did this after I had my fourth child.

Yes, I threw out my scale…………….Oprah told me the scale was not my friend and people do better with their weight when they go by the feel of their clothes and not the numbers on a scale.


I think Oprah is wrong!

2 years later I bought a new scale and WOW!! are those numbers high!

Okay! I will admit it………..It was not just Oprah that told me to get rid of the scale. I told a friend of mine that I was weighing my clothes before I put them on, then I would then put them on and then weigh myself again.

AND……then every time I went by the scale………….I would get on it again and again and look.
Maybe I dropped a pound by not eating that cake…………

Hey, it could happen.

Okay, I know…….

You don’t have to tell me……….My son already did…….
It is all a “little” Obsessive Compulsive…………I know……

When I told a friend of mine all this…….. She said, “Lisa, throw out your scale.” “It is making you crazy.” then I heard Oprah say it and I thought well this must be right. Oprah knows about weight, being a woman and who better to listen too………….and my friend said it too.


Once again, I should have listen to my dad………….When I told him I threw out my scale………..he said “WHAT!! Throw out your scale…………..How will you know how much you weigh?” “That is a terrible idea.”……I told him what I was doing with it and he really didn’t see much wrong with that type of behavior…………Thinking he didn’t know much about being an expectant mother, having a baby, or being a woman………….I threw it out.

2 years later……I feel fatter then I have ever felt in my life! (Excluding pregnancies of course. ) My clothes fit me fine………..they are a size larger then I am use too………. but, hey they fit me fine…..

Then again………… I can’t stand the way I feel in them…………

So, I went out and bought a scale.

The good news is ~ THE VERY LARGE NUMBERS DID NOT THROW ME OFF! I kind of knew what I weighed. To my surprise, I was off 5 pounds………..in my favor.


So now, I am back to reality……………and weighing myself 4 – 5 – okay 6 times a day. I know it is a little Obsessive Compulsive………but, I really did have to know! I still have my smaller clothes waiting for me…………calling me………..saying…..”Lisa, we miss you!” ‘Come back”

I miss them too!

When I told another friend about all this the other day, she laughed and said “Your nuts, I love you anyway AND Oprah needs to buy a scale too!”

She is a good friend.


I don’t listen to Oprah anymore.

I think I am going to move the scale into the kitchen by the chocolate chips.

They call me too.

Kathryn’s 12th Birthday Week

This is Kathryn’s Birthday Week:

Kathryn at Grandma’s…. Day 1

One year many years ago, Mark started a tradition in our house;

We have “Birthday Weeks” instead of just the one day of birthday cake and presents.

It all started with me one year when Mark gave me a birthday present. This present happened to be the exact same present he gave me the year before, a beautiful pair of earrings. When Kathryn , who was 7 years old at the time, saw that the earrings in the new box where the exact same earrings I had on, cried. Like a good daughter, she was very worried about me not getting a proper birthday gift.

At the time, we thought it was all very cute and funny. We calmed Kathryn down and let her know it would all be okay. I handed the gift back to my embarrassed husband and told Kathryn she would have to go with her dad to the store and help him out. She then started to cry again. She was not only worried about me not getting a proper birthday present, she was worried about me not getting one on time. Like any mother would, I told her it was okay because “I would be accepting presents all week” and as she could see, her dad really needed her help.

That was the year it started……………….everyday for a week Mark brought something special home for my “birthday week”.

It really was all very wonderful!

Now that years have pasted and things have changed this is one tradition we try very hard to keep.

March 23, started off with a”Birthday Breakfast” of muffins and a candle.

Sam came by with presents!

“M” gave a beautiful picture for Kathryn’s room we are redecorating.

In the afternoon, we had a cookie cake with Nana, Grandpa and Nana and Grandpa’s neighbors……the boys next door……….. Sadly I forgot my camera and I do not have any pictures of that.


There was also the lunch and dinner with a very tired Daddy…..

More presents!

and a Home Made Cake

Do you think it looks anything like my cousin Ann’s in simplysweeter.blogspot.com
check it out and let me know……….I think it does…….well………maybe a little. The home made part at least……..
I think Kathryn had a nice couple of days……………for the rest of the week we will be repainting her room and getting it ready for the up and coming “Teen years”.
Should be exciting! I hope!

The Concert

One day last month I thought it would be a good idea to put on a concert for the residents at the Magnolia Manor Nursing Home in Spartanburg.

I got the idea only after an illness my father had because of a Chemo treatment.

My daughter, Kathryn, had a recital that my parents had to miss because my father was to sick from the “cure”. After the recital Kathryn called my mom to let her know how she did and that she had missed her nana. My mother as involved as always, asked Kathryn if she would take her harp over to their house and play the songs they could not hear.

With much delight Kathryn obliged her requests……..The next day with the harp in hand Kathryn played for my mom and dad.

As usual, we stayed most of the day and Kathryn practiced much of that time. Even though my dad really didn’t feel well he sat in the room with Kathryn as she softly practiced.

When we talked during the week my father told me how he “thoroughly enjoyed” her playing. He told me, her playing lifted his spirits and it all seemed to help him feel better that weekend.

Without knowing it, my 11 year old daughter gave her grandfather a gift of love.

Even though Kathryn is a novice player, I started to think……………my father is very much a positive person and the music really seemed to help him find strength that day.

I started to wonder, what would it do for someone who does not have the optimistic out look that my father does? I wondered, what would it do for Kathryn? She loves music. She is always playing her harp or the piano. I thought maybe if we look into this she may find this to be something she would like to do as a career……….Music Therapy……..

I e-mailed the other moms in the home school co-op Kathryn belongs too to find out if anyone would be interested in putting on a little concert for the folks in the nursing home we as a group have visited.

There was lot a of interest. The nursing home could not wait for us to come and the children in the co-op could not have been more enthusiastic about it all. All the kids were so delighted to play their instruments.

Some of the kids where excellent and some only pecked at the key boards. But, all the children wanted to share what they knew.
When we first started our concert the hall was mostly empty with only a few residents in the room. One by one men and woman came into the hall. One by one the men and woman sat down and listened. One by one the children became more and more excited andthe “Captive Audience” enjoyed our concert .
When I think back on the experience; I think once again I am the one who received the gift that day. Even though everyone seemed to really love the whole thing, I walked away in ‘awww’ and a full heart.

I was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the children and the residents.


I was most impressed with my daughter who, after the concert, went over to talk to a woman and answered the same questions over and over again. This woman was most definitely suffering from Alzheimer’s. She could not remember that she had told us, many times ,about her son who played in a band . She had told us about her husband who died and she told us about her little dog. She told us she did not get many visitors and she really enjoyed it when children came to the home.

She would then tell Kathryn, she had beautiful skin and then ask about her school. The conversation went like this; “Oh yeah, you told me that……..and did I tell you about the time my son played in a band and I really loved the music today………and Kathryn answered and answered and knew………..Even though this lady looked perfectly fine this woman needed a little extra care. Kathryn gave it to her………..I was so impressed with my daughter once again. This experience filled me with pride to see what a wonderful woman Kathryn is growing up to be.

It is funny to me, how I think I am the one that is giving but then for me, the giving always turns to receiving more then I could have imagined.

I guess I am just lucky that way.

Not Me! Monday!

I am not posting “Not Me! Monday” on Wednesday. I am not behind in everything, mostly my days.

I did not hit the tree in my yard Saturday night.

After all, my husband…….. who did not take it very well….. said “How could you have done that? You have only past that tree for the past 12 years.”

I think that tree is out to get me! It jumped right in front of my car. I saw it!

I think it is okay to blame the tree. It never happened.

Stupid TREE!

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Who’s the Teacher?

When you home school something wonderful happens: Your kids get to learn about things they are interested in. AND When you have grandparents that want to encourage their grandchildren every step of the way some thing even more wonderful happens: You get to see real dreams come true. One day last summer my father wanted to put in a little garden, just something small, like a salad garden…………His thoughts where he, as a city boy, could teach the kids a little bit about real country life and they would be able to eat the fruits of their labors.
Win! Win! Everyone loved the idea.
We as a group really do not know much about gardening but we all thought maybe we would get a good summer tomato out of the deal. My boys suggested to their grandfather it might be a good idea to build a shed to hold all the tools they would need for the garden. The shed went up and the tools went in. Through the summer they worked and worked on the garden and the shed. Many fruits and vegetables were eaten. However, that was not the only thing that grew the summer of 2008. Huge things developed from these little ideas……Relationships grew stronger. My son’s got to spend real time with their grandfather learning and building and just dreaming… Matthew started dreaming of a muscadine farm. He started reading and researching and talking to my dad about how wonderful it would be to have a real muscadine vineyard. Like any reasonable person talking to a 16 year old kid would say………. “Sure that sounds like a great idea”…..”Let’s do it!’ Did I say reasonable? I meant crazy man would say………….
They went on field trips to the neighborhood farms. They started to research. They went to a convention out of town. They had the small fruit expert from Clemson University out to the land to give them advice. They held business meetings. THEN They started to clear land.
The kids (I mean we) have learned so much about soil, seeds,wine making, clearing land, driving trucks and tractors.………..We have even learned that scientists are using the seeds in research to try to make diesel fuel and are researching uses for the skins for cancer research. We have learned muscadines are the highest known natural resource for antioxidants and for resveratrol…….. What the heck is resveratrol?? SEE This is why you need kids to study hard to teach you things like…resveratrol……Which is a natural compound found in grape skins that slows aging, prevents cancer and something else. Look it up if you really want to know more. I forget! The kids want to grow muscadines and sell them, make wine and earn money for college…..
When we started home schooling 6 years ago I never imagined where it would take us……… I never imagined these kids could teach and give us all so much.

Not Me! Monday

Let’s Play!

I did not eat raw brownie mix one day last week. I am allergic to the wheat and I know if I have anything tasty like that, I will have cankers. Cankers hurt and they make me miserable! I also care very much about my weight and my body. Most of all, I want to be very healthy.

I did not hang on to the plant that was my sister’s birthday present from the woman in her Co-Op last week. They gave it to me because they knew …I would have rushed it right to her house that very day. I would have never put the plant in my trunk and forgotten about it, immediately. I would not have driven around with it for two 2 days only to have my daughter bring it into the house Sunday night when we had our freezing rain and snow storm. It could have died out there!

Also, I would not have had the same plant sitting in my kitchen window for 3 more days. I would have given it to my sister way before she sent out a thank you e-mail to her friends for her beautiful gift and card…….. That she had………. in her house…. because…….. I gave it, ALL, to her right away……….

I’m just like that………….GOOD, Kind & Thoughtful!

I did not forget about the Mandatory Meeting at Debate club Wednesday afternoon either. I wrote it all down in my date book and I would have looked at my book in the morning and knew that the meeting was for me. I am way too organized to forget something like that. Even if I did forget, when I noticed all the cars in the parking lot, it would have triggered my memory to the very important meeting for the parents that day……….I would never have thought I could have an hour of peace before I willingly and happily went into Judge a debate round that afternoon………… I am much to on the ball for that to happen and never think of myself.

I would have never fallen to sleep reading what Matthew finds a fascinating economics book, that he wants to share with everyone in his life. He is insistent that we all read the book and enjoy it as much as he does……I tell you, I do enjoy it….I do……I do…….I do!

That same day; I would not have been late to a very important play date with my daughter’s friend. After I sent my message about our play time, I would have stayed by the computer to see if the play time was still on. I would have never walked away, sat on the couch and fell to sleep making us an hour and a half late. We love going to play with this friend and my attention span is much better then that. Plus, I am never tired!

Now let me know what you did or did not do.

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