The lady in the picture at the top of my blog is my mom. We are in Hilton Head S.C. at the beach. I forget why my sister and I got to go to the beach with our parents and take our kids, but we did. Our parents are just like that. They are great……..They invite us and we go.

Every time I look at this picture, I think of the day we were at the beach having so much fun. Our kids were playing in the water and my mom was right in there with them. Mary Elizabeth couldn’t wait to get down and splash and swim. She loved it all.

But, there was something missing that day……….the other member of our party ……..My Father.

He was sick that day. I think, if I remember right, we went to the beach shortly after a chemo treatment. I am sure he was sick from the chemo. He also fell and broke his hand while riding bikes with my boys the day before. Even though he had all this going on……. he never complained. We all knew he really didn’t feel to well that morning. We knew he really wanted to have some peace a quite for a while………and maybe he just wanted to rest……..he never said that, but we knew his hand was bothering him, chemo makes you sick and the sun was really hot.

…….He must have been very uncomfortable. But……..still………. he never complained.

You want to know someone really amazing? You should meet my dad. He never complains and always sees the fun in things. He always looks towards the future.


He always go back to the cancer center for his treatments. He is thankful to be able to do it…………….. I find it ALL just very amazing.

I remember that day in the fun and sun so well…….while we took pictures and played and had such a very good time it just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t help but miss him. Every time I look at that picture I think what fun we had and how great it was being there with them…..but………I missed my dad playing in the water with us that day.

I guess somethings you never out grow.

5 thoughts on “Something Missing

  1. Your dad IS awesome. And I know that he would have loved to have been out there playing with everyone. I’m so glad to see that you got the button working!! You are getting very blog savvy!! :)Look for your Joe-Joe’s. Hopefully, I’ll get them in the mail before Thanksgiving… although, I might hand deliver them when I come back for my 20-year reunion in July…!!!


  2. I thought we were calling it “the center” now and a meeting “his board of directors”. 😉 That was a nice time! I feel so fortunate that I got to be a part of it with you. Although Father was missing that day ~ that same night ~ there was a great birthday cake for John!! (Brian’s pretend friend) 😉 Love, Marg


  3. Yes, your Father redefines so many terms…”fortitude”, “persistence”, “courage” and “hope” to name but a few. Much love to him…and you! 🙂


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