Let’s Play!

I did not eat raw brownie mix one day last week. I am allergic to the wheat and I know if I have anything tasty like that, I will have cankers. Cankers hurt and they make me miserable! I also care very much about my weight and my body. Most of all, I want to be very healthy.

I did not hang on to the plant that was my sister’s birthday present from the woman in her Co-Op last week. They gave it to me because they knew …I would have rushed it right to her house that very day. I would have never put the plant in my trunk and forgotten about it, immediately. I would not have driven around with it for two 2 days only to have my daughter bring it into the house Sunday night when we had our freezing rain and snow storm. It could have died out there!

Also, I would not have had the same plant sitting in my kitchen window for 3 more days. I would have given it to my sister way before she sent out a thank you e-mail to her friends for her beautiful gift and card…….. That she had………. in her house…. because…….. I gave it, ALL, to her right away……….

I’m just like that………….GOOD, Kind & Thoughtful!

I did not forget about the Mandatory Meeting at Debate club Wednesday afternoon either. I wrote it all down in my date book and I would have looked at my book in the morning and knew that the meeting was for me. I am way too organized to forget something like that. Even if I did forget, when I noticed all the cars in the parking lot, it would have triggered my memory to the very important meeting for the parents that day……….I would never have thought I could have an hour of peace before I willingly and happily went into Judge a debate round that afternoon………… I am much to on the ball for that to happen and never think of myself.

I would have never fallen to sleep reading what Matthew finds a fascinating economics book, that he wants to share with everyone in his life. He is insistent that we all read the book and enjoy it as much as he does……I tell you, I do enjoy it….I do……I do…….I do!

That same day; I would not have been late to a very important play date with my daughter’s friend. After I sent my message about our play time, I would have stayed by the computer to see if the play time was still on. I would have never walked away, sat on the couch and fell to sleep making us an hour and a half late. We love going to play with this friend and my attention span is much better then that. Plus, I am never tired!

Now let me know what you did or did not do.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. With her encouragement and her blog button, I have decided to play.

3 thoughts on “Not Me! Monday

  1. Okay. I did not just click and click and click and click and click on the black mouse that’s connected to my computer while staring in to space thinking about what the name of the site I was trying to locate. NO I DIDN’T!!! (because obviously I found it) Marg.


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