This is Kathryn’s Birthday Week:

Kathryn at Grandma’s…. Day 1

One year many years ago, Mark started a tradition in our house;

We have “Birthday Weeks” instead of just the one day of birthday cake and presents.

It all started with me one year when Mark gave me a birthday present. This present happened to be the exact same present he gave me the year before, a beautiful pair of earrings. When Kathryn , who was 7 years old at the time, saw that the earrings in the new box where the exact same earrings I had on, cried. Like a good daughter, she was very worried about me not getting a proper birthday gift.

At the time, we thought it was all very cute and funny. We calmed Kathryn down and let her know it would all be okay. I handed the gift back to my embarrassed husband and told Kathryn she would have to go with her dad to the store and help him out. She then started to cry again. She was not only worried about me not getting a proper birthday present, she was worried about me not getting one on time. Like any mother would, I told her it was okay because “I would be accepting presents all week” and as she could see, her dad really needed her help.

That was the year it started……………….everyday for a week Mark brought something special home for my “birthday week”.

It really was all very wonderful!

Now that years have pasted and things have changed this is one tradition we try very hard to keep.

March 23, started off with a”Birthday Breakfast” of muffins and a candle.

Sam came by with presents!

“M” gave a beautiful picture for Kathryn’s room we are redecorating.

In the afternoon, we had a cookie cake with Nana, Grandpa and Nana and Grandpa’s neighbors……the boys next door……….. Sadly I forgot my camera and I do not have any pictures of that.


There was also the lunch and dinner with a very tired Daddy…..

More presents!

and a Home Made Cake

Do you think it looks anything like my cousin Ann’s in
check it out and let me know……….I think it does…….well………maybe a little. The home made part at least……..
I think Kathryn had a nice couple of days……………for the rest of the week we will be repainting her room and getting it ready for the up and coming “Teen years”.
Should be exciting! I hope!

5 thoughts on “Kathryn’s 12th Birthday Week

  1. I wish she kept a piece of that cake for me,it is tough when I have to beg for a choclate piece of her cake. Oh don’t worry Kathryn, you know me, I forget things very fast. Oh yeah!!!!Nana


  2. Happy Birthday Kathryn! The last time I saw you you were screaming and hanging onto you mother’s leg crying “No…”I think that was about 10 years ago. Wow. Can’t be. I’m just not that old. Anyway, hope your birthday week was wonderful! Lisa, do you remember the Carolina Picnic Cake your mother used to make? I know Karen will definitely remember it. (Slurp) Sorry, I drooled.P.S. Kathryn, keep your grandmother away from the cake. Especially if it is chocolate. LOLXOXO Anne Marie


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