I put this new button on my blog and I am quite proud of myself. I am getting the hang of this “Layout” and “blog” thing.

Now it is time for serious talk:

The button comes from the “Not me Monday” button or pin. I am not really sure what they call it in the blog world. For those that don’t know, click on the button. That will take you to the site this story is on. There you can read the full story about this child and put this special button on your own blog.

I put the “Not me Monday” button on weeks ago. I have had lots of fun playing with the “NMM” and have not looked back until the other day;

Now, I find this family in under more stress I can ever imagine. They have a 5 month old child that has a heart condition and is not doing well.

It really makes me think of how truly blessed we are to just have the “little troubles” we have in our lives. Let me tell you we have been through some rough times with my father’s illness, Mark’s father’s death, lay off after lay off, under employment and that is just the fun stuff.

But, This………This is huge.

If you pray, pray for this family and this child. If you don’t pray but do other things then do them. (I can’t even imagine what it could be)……but…Do it….Do it for this family…….

This baby is only 5 months.

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