You know, It just doesn’t seem like I have a chance in getting this place clean.
Never mind these facts; We school at home and there is someone home most of the time. We live in the South and we fight red clay, ALL the time. We are self employed and we use our home as our office. We have 2 crazy dogs running in and out of the house any chance they get looking for love. We have a rock sidewalk and a gravel drive way………..things get sandy, messy and really hard to keep up with.
BUT! Believe it or not those are not my biggest problem with dirt and grime.
There are hand prints EVERY WHERE! Yes, everywhere…………….I naturally, have hand prints in toddler sizes where Liz has rubbed her hands down the hall wall as she balances herself…………There is also the writing on everything stage that she is in. If I am not paying close attention to her she will scribble on walls, furniture, books or just about anything she can find.
There are the little shoes running in and out of the house bringing in red clay, dirt and sand.
If she runs through the house with her shoes on it really does not matter much …….With a broom and a little scrub everything comes off easy.
This GUY!!!!!!!
Nobody is more lovable then he is…………..
What a messy guy!

In his 14 year old style, as he races down the stair way he will grab on to the balcony stairs, swing and then jump into the down stairs hall……….As he amble down the hall into the kitchen he reaches up with ease and touches the low decorative part of the ceiling.

Then there is THIS………

These are HIS shoes……..They are a size 15 and they are tight.
He is rough on the house, his clothes and his shoes……….
I realize some kids are just messy but this kid…………
has dirt everywhere……..As he walks down the hallway it is not unusual for him to rub his hands down the crown molding. Yes, You read that right. I said the crown molding.

Sometimes when I get the house clean I really just want to keep him out for a little while…..BUT THEN I figure I should let him in…………….He is good to me and even though he is messy he is my biggest helper. He knows when I need a hug, a laugh or even a piece of fudge. He is my diamond in the rough.

AND, I love him.

GEEE! I really don’t have a chance keeping this place clean.


12 thoughts on “My Dirty House

  1. We have soooo much in common!!! Wow! Our husbands sound like twins! LOL…clean houses can wait… homeschooling and love make a home…That’s my take-away from your wonderful blog today! Thank you for your wonderful and kind comments… Your friendship is a treasure! Love to you and yours~Janine


  2. I could care less what Steve does with his hands. He is such a doll, great kid a real helper and thinker. Today, he and his big brother fixed the tiller and then tilled the new garden for his grandfather to plant a garden. What can you find wrong with kiD?


  3. Hi!jaja good photos!!!, I like her way of write every post, I not taken much english, but I try of read the best that I can. Sorry for the errors of my languaje, but I am learning. Anyway.


  4. Wow your house looks so clean and sounds like a mess. I don’t understand! Really I wish my little cabin looked as nice as your house. Red clay that is a hard one, I am a no shoes in the house lady, that would help…. but sounds like it could be hard to get everyone (especially the dogs) to do. Nice to meet you. Thanks for your visit.


  5. I think he grows by the minute! He likes a sOn flower!! 😉 A ray of sunshine! 😉 I agree with MOM! The problem is not with Our Dear Stephen… Love, MargPerhaps your in need of parenting classes! I’ll send Brian over. Geez!


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