This is Alexander Michael Hoverath.
He is the son of my sister , Margaret, and her husband, Reiner.
He is 8 years old and Home Schooled.
He is very bight I might add.
He also has a big announcement to make that he wants the share with the world….
He has received his First Communion!! He is very proud as you can see!!
Look at that happy face!
What a doll!

This is his Dad………..uuummmmmmm!!!

No, he doesn’t always look like this…….Sometimes he looks worse.

But, I seem to remember he did shower before Mass……..

Maybe that is why Alex looks so happy.

Just kidding!! He cleans up really well!

This was just my shameless attempt to get a picture of Reiner on my blog

after the mud run he did Saturday.

We are proud of both these Hoverath Men.

They had a great weekend!

Hey, what is family for?

Love you Reiner!!

9 thoughts on “Alexander’s Announcement!!

  1. Oh, I adore his red hair!!!!!! And what a wonderful day it was!!! You are too funny posting muddy pics…you must have a very good relationship with your brother in law if you can get away with this!!! But just in case, you’ll be in my prayers…LOL! ~Janine XO


  2. I missed this last week!Congratulations Alex! You look incredibly handsome. Your First Communion is a very special day. I hope you stay close to Jesus and always let him live in your heart. Congrats to your Mom & Dad, too. Your Daddy looks like a fun guy! Not too many Dads like to play in the mud…he must be pretty cool!Happy First Communion…by now you have probably received your 2nd Communion too. Awesome job!Love,Regina


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