Tuesday, May 12, was my mother’s 29th, 28th or 39th Birthday.

All though we are all very confused about exactly how old she is we celebrated anyway ……
After all, there was Chocolate Cake.
Even though the cake was not Simply Sweeter’s……….It was good!
I must tell all my cousins ,for those that don’t know,…………my mother GOT the COOKIES!!
THEY WHERE “Simply” Fabulous!!
The best present came from my father’s Oncologist. When he told my parents things where going nicely for my dad and he is doing very well…Better then they had ever expected…..Dr Stephenson also said, my parents should go to San Diego and Cheer on the Marathoners!! for the BIG run.

Maybe there will be more Cake when they get home!!

Well! We have to Celebrate……………26.2 miles is a long way for my sister to go.

8 thoughts on “The May Birthday

  1. Now thoes were a little better pictures. Thank you for your very nice words, and you are so right, he is doing well, thanks to our family and the great doctors in The Cancer Center of the Carolina’s. All the prayers that came from our extended family didn’t hurt either. Thank you!


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