Today is the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!!!!!!!

My sister, Margaret, cousins Jen and Charlie are running in this Marathon…..Today!

It should be VERY exciting! I am going to do my best to keep up with all the happenings of the GREAT event.

Margaret, Jen and Charlie decided to join this race because of the effects that cancer has taken on in their lives. Jen and Charlie have dedicated this run to a lot of people, mostly to their friend Deana and my father…..
My sister, of course, has dedicated her run to our father…………….WHO will be there waiting for her at the finish line. Our father has suffered the effects of Nonsmokers lung cancer ~ found in the late stages and given only 3 months to live……………4 years ago.

What do the doctors know? Hopeful a lot….

I know that Margaret worked very hard at her training. She ran when she was suppose too ~ She tried to eat right ((well not really, but it sounds good)) BUT! She ran!! …..Her husband very lovingly gave her wings to be able to do this run and should be commended for his patients, dedication and loyalty to her and the marathon she felt so strongly about. The training took a lot of work, dedication and perseverance on every ones part.

They all did a great job and now is the time…………….they PLAY!!

So exciting!

I am going to try to keep up with this event on line…………….TRY!!

No matter if they sprint,walk or crawl across the finish line we are soooooooo very proud and excited about this HUGE achievement for all of them! ((…..Mostly Margaret!….ssshhhh…..don’t tell the others I said that! )) We are excited for them too.



Update 1

I forgot to ask for Jen and Charlie’s bib numbers and I can’t find information on them but

Margaret is doing AWESOME!!

Here are the results as of an hour ago:

20203 Margaret Hoverath F
TNT Fundraising Half Start: Gun 6:30:03 Chip 6:41:12
Times:1:10:53 Pace:11:25

Update 2

I went to the Zoo with the family and NOW! I cannot remember how to access the information I had before……..UUGGG!!………..STUPID Computer!!

((It is always the machine and never the operator))

This Just In!!

7:40 PM

~ I just got this E-mail from a friend of my sisters ~

I just talked to Maggie a few minutes ago and she finished the race in under 6 hours!!!! She had a great start to the race and ran the first 13-14 miles without stopping! Unfortunately around mile 21 Maggie stepped wrong and rolled her ankle. From then on she had to walk and was pretty upset. Someone told her to focus on all the people who were at home cheering her on and she got emotional thinking about all of us. I think it was her cousin that let her know we were all walking/running today while she was competing and that just meant the world to her! Maggie’s parents were at the finish line and she cried when she saw her dad. You’ll have to talk to her about the entire experience – she said it was just amazing! Also, 8.8 million dollars was raised for cancer! She said there were runners/walkers who were survivors and some that were in treatment.


It is over and everyone did great! Jen, Charlie and Margaret all finished and we are very proud of them all!!


GREAT! Job Everyone!!



I found the results!! June 1 – 12:30AM

Just for Margaret…….


FName LNameMargaret Hoverath City Simpsonville State SC Country USA
Sex F ChipTime 5:59:15 ClockTime 6:10:25 Overall 11428 SexPl 5159 DivPl 371 Pace 13:43

10 thoughts on “Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!!!!!!!

  1. What a wonderful family you have!!!! And your dad is a true hero…a real fighter!!!! I pray for him every night!!!! I love the energy, enthusiasm and joy in your voice as you write this!!! You bring me smiles!!!! Love and blessings to you and yours~Janine XO


  2. What enthusiasm and joy you have for your sister in this piece. (and cousins) You have a nice blog. It is not all about ‘me’ – I like that.Bravo for your dad!


  3. My heart just smiles whenever I read your blog about your wonderful family! Your dad is a very amazing and wonderful man.The love and admiration you have for all your family comes through with every word you write.Hugs


  4. What a awesome looking crowd – great shot! And so happy for your sister and especially your dad who has made all the doctors look bad (yay for him!) and defied the odds. And almost six hours running? I'm lucky to make six minutes. What a woman!


  5. Awe. Lisa. Thank you so much for this tribute! The marathon's been over a week and rereading the excitement and things said; truly brings more tears! 😉 It's very nice and humbling! SO many wonderful things that happened as well over the past week in San Diego- spiritually as well as physical – that I forgot to tell you about… Thanks again. (Wish you & Reiner were there) Love, M (Marathon Margaret) or Now known to the children as M squared 😉


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