We are embarrassed!
We all wish Mark Sanford ((Governor of South Carolina))
would step down and move on.
Have his midlife crises someplace else.
Just so you know………..We really do have respectable men in this state.

No! He is not one of them.


7 thoughts on “Just So YA know!

  1. Okay. Fine. Since YOU brought it up! The Governor's desire to relate the truth has been a joke! "The truth is that he would not have come forward if he was not caught. To put his wife of 20 years through this mess is a disgrace. He apologized to his mistress first, then his wife! He used a government vehicle bought and most likely filled up with public money!! He lied to his staff and others about his where abouts therefore putting himself in danger for a "good time". How much of "our" hard earned money did he use for "his soul mate"? And NOW "he no longer wants to speak to the media". duh? ya mean your gonna print that???? Governor Sanford or "Governor BOZO" (who probably would have more morals) cares very little for his family and evern less for OUR state!He doesn't need the stimulus for our state – he's been get'in enough of his own! What is the matter with today's men of political power?!? They show their constant weaknesses. Letting down their families first and then US – the people who elect them. Calling onesself a "Christian". King David should not be used as a scapegoat.Since YOU brought it up. Guess I'm a "little" miffed!!!!!! (But not embarrassed! Heck. Where is SC? Remember the beauty queen that forgot geography??? Hey! Cousins Jen or Anne Marie? Got rooms for rent? Anyone? ) 😉 By the way that picture of him is a much better one of him than I would have picked! Love, Marg 😉


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