Yesterday, July 7th, was Mary Elizabeth’s third birthday. It was Auntie’s Third birthday too. We decided it would be great fun to have a combined Surprise Birthday Party for Auntie……
at her house.
We are coming to your house….
In five minutes…..Clean up quick!!
Did you make us a cake??”
We are nicer then that!
We brought cake.



Lots of Presents!! We had a great time!

~But ~

…..There was someone missing…..

Auntie’s Jim

He had a stroke last week.

He is doing much better this week and he is in rehab.

Even though, he is in the hospital and could not make our party

~ He didn’t miss it~

We took the party to him.

He loved it!

He is the nicest man.

They are a great team and really love each other very much.

I know he and Aunt Mary Lou would appreciate prayers for his healing.

~ So if you could ~

They will not be wasted.

8 thoughts on “The Marys are THREE!!

  1. Ooh Lisa such a nice post.Belated Happy Birhtday for Mary Elizabeth and Auntie.It was nice of you all to take the B-day to Jim too. Lovely.Hope he get better soon, Godspeed!!! I'll put him in my prayers.I would love some cake please, thank you.Now and Then


  2. Thanks for all that you have done, Lisa. I know my mom really enjoyed celebrating her birthday with you – and Little Mary Elizabeth. We're really looking forward to coming back. Just a few more weeks…!!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday to both!What a nice post, and very thoughtful of you to take the party to Jim.He will most definitely be in my prayers.


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