An Old English Poem ~ Written By Matthew 2009

This is a Poem my son wrote: He is studying British Literature this year and was required to write a Beowulf Style Poem.

This Poem tells our story beautifully:

Creeping Death

My ancestor was diagnosed,

As I, entered my twelfth year.

He fought valiantly, though for him

The treatment, was worse

Than the disease. No mortal

Can live without the necessities.

No man, regardless of strength

Can survive without a functioning body.

He succumbed that same year.

The next year, my forefather,

The model of health, had a darker prognosis.

Death was inside him,

Creeping up, Ceaselessly advancing.

He had not six months left.

This time, death would not prevail so quickly.

For 5 long years, he has battled.

Today, he is weakened, but

Not destroyed. An emblem of strength,

A hero for all.

But why was this cross,

Given to him? Why has one

Who was a model of health,

Received this, the disease of sinners?

Only the Creator knows. Perhaps

This is not a burden, but a crown.

Like the martyrs of old,

Who wear crowns of honor.

They too fought ceaselessly.

They too gave all.

They too understood the Almighty is in control.

In the end, that is all that matters,

That the Almighty is in control.

By: Matthew Advent

Catching up

It has been at least two weeks since I have last posted anything:
In that time, Aunt Mary Lou got married and we couldn’t be happier about the union. She has been alone a long time and I for one couldn’t be more delighted with the man she picked.
Stephen is now 6 ft 4 1/8th inches….The 1/8th is of the utmost importance to him. He insists I add the 1/8th. I find that so funny…..On September 7, he turned 15. All he really wanted for his birthday were shoes that fit. Size 16…..Yes 16. I had so much trouble finding them it took me several trips to several stores and several phone calls. It does not seem stores carry that size around here. Finally I found them at Academy Sports. They had two pairs, one black and one white.

The best part of the weekend was when Ann surprised us all by showing up out of the blue. What a great surprise it was to see her. I have so many warm memories of doing things with her. She always has something wonderful going on and many laughs to share.
She just showed up …….It was perfect. We made the cinnamon rolls from Pioneer Woman’s blog. We laughed; cooked, cried, and had a birthday party …..It was just great! Seeing and spending time with Ann was good medicine for the soul.
The weekend before; Uncle Joe surprised us with a visit. Uncle Joe is my dad’s brother. This was the first time I have really gotten to talk to and spend time with Uncle Joe. Let me tell you, he is a joy! I loved everything about him; the way he talked with his hands and shoulders, the way he walked, they way he told stories. He was such a character and a joy to listen to while he reminisced about the boyhood trails and tribulations of their lives running and working in the streets of South Boston at a ripe old age of 8…..Joe and his “lille bruddr” Billy………Joe loves his little brother.
Uncle Joe reminded me of an Irish boxer…..I hope he comes back again when my father is feeling better and up to talking. Those will be some great stories.
UMMM and that brings me to the big question………….How is he doing? To answer this honestly I really don’t know what to say.
I will tell you this:
My father’s sprit is strong…….So amazingly strong. The thrush is mostly gone now so he is smiling and talking more. By now everyone knows he had received brain radiation about 3 weeks ago………The cancer has metastasized…..and the doctors are saying all type of ugly things we really don’t care to hear. What do they know anyway???…..Four years ago these very doctors gave him 3 months to live……..3 months turned into four wonderful years and we are still counting.
Anyway, the radiation is over. That alone will bring any one to their knees….It was tough…brutal is really more like. But, He did it! He also received another perseverance award from the cancer center and balloons and a home made rhubarb pie from me. ((His favorite))
So now here we are……….It is 3 A.M. and I am wide awake. I am supposed to meet Margaret at 6 to run. I wonder if I will make it.
We have started school and that is a whole different story.
Oh! Speaking of exercising I must tell you………My father is still exercising. He is strength training by just using his body. From what he describes to me he is working on his triceps by pushing himself up and down on the bed. He is doing leg lifts and holds……like 40 or 60! That just thrills me. He is so weak and sick but is still exercising……so being a little tired at 6 AM really sounds babyish doesn’t?
Drats! Now I have to get up! Maybe I just won’t go back to bed.