Allow me to introduce…

Mr. and Mrs. James Cooney

In Attendance

Best Man and Matron of Honor

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Finnell, Sr.

Signing of the Wedding Nuptials

They took the official plunge.

September 3, 2009

Yes, Indeed it was a Very Happy Day!

15 thoughts on “Who Eloped At Coachwoods Graceland?

  1. Thank you Lisa for preserving and telling the world about our "Oh-Happy Day". My sister Ann called me at 8am to sing "Here comes the Bride"Jim and I wanted to be with our best friends when we tied the knot and Grace and Bill made it possible at Graceland. It was wonderful to have you all join in our happiness. Love,Aunt Mary Lou Cooney


  2. I am going to have a hard time saying Mrs.Cooney after all these years of calling you Mrs.Foley – but let me say that I COULD NOT BE happier to say Congrats Mrs.Cooney and Jim! What a fine looking couple! Cheers!Love and best wishes!"Bee"


  3. Mary and Jim: Congratultations! You two are blessed to have each other and look just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! You enrich everyone's life that you come in touch with and how fortunate we all are! Much love:Alex and Kathleen


  4. No better place to wed than at Aunt Grace and Uncle Bill's homestead – which has been the rock of foundation and support for my mom (and our family) through a majority of our lives. God bless the Finnell's and congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds… Where is the honeymoon???Eileen


  5. This is such wonderful news – and it totally caught me by surprise. Thanks so much for capturing this monumental on film, Lisa, for all of us to enjoy. I wish we had been there to help celebrate!! Maybe now I'll finally get the baby sister I've always wanted… :)Love, Jen


  6. Best wishes Auntie and Congrats Jim!! (You got one special lady!) Thank you for all you do Auntie and "Uncle" Jim and for making such a happy and memorable day. All my love, Marg


  7. Lisa, I have so many other comments I would like to send from my friends all over the world. The latest from my friend in Sweeden. So, thanks again for making this a great announcement.It could only have happened at GracelandLove,Auntie


  8. Dearest Lisa,Don't know if you've gotten my recent notes…just want you to know that I love you, and that you are continually in my prayers! This is a beautiful post!! Happiness in the midst of everything…a little taste of God's grace…Love you so much! Janine XO


  9. Congratulations, Mary and Jim!What wonderful news~~~ We loved seeing the pictures of you and your wedding, too. Very special!!We look forward to seeing you at the condo on Hutchinson Island soon, too.Our very best wishes and love~~xxxooooKaren and Guy


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