This is a Poem my son wrote: He is studying British Literature this year and was required to write a Beowulf Style Poem.

This Poem tells our story beautifully:

Creeping Death

My ancestor was diagnosed,

As I, entered my twelfth year.

He fought valiantly, though for him

The treatment, was worse

Than the disease. No mortal

Can live without the necessities.

No man, regardless of strength

Can survive without a functioning body.

He succumbed that same year.

The next year, my forefather,

The model of health, had a darker prognosis.

Death was inside him,

Creeping up, Ceaselessly advancing.

He had not six months left.

This time, death would not prevail so quickly.

For 5 long years, he has battled.

Today, he is weakened, but

Not destroyed. An emblem of strength,

A hero for all.

But why was this cross,

Given to him? Why has one

Who was a model of health,

Received this, the disease of sinners?

Only the Creator knows. Perhaps

This is not a burden, but a crown.

Like the martyrs of old,

Who wear crowns of honor.

They too fought ceaselessly.

They too gave all.

They too understood the Almighty is in control.

In the end, that is all that matters,

That the Almighty is in control.

By: Matthew Advent

9 thoughts on “An Old English Poem ~ Written By Matthew 2009

  1. Wow! Such wisdom in this!!! And simply beautiful!!! I will hand the pen to your Matthew…and hang up my own poetic aspirations 😉 He's terrific!!! Hope you are doing okay…I continue to pray passionately for all of you!!! Love you~Janine XO


  2. This is so beautiful Lisa! I'm sure you're very proud of Matthew and I'm sure your dad was too. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how close your family is and what a powerful force your dad was in your lives. I told Maggie tonight when I talked to her that even though I've never met him I feel like I know him through all the stories you guys have told us over the years. He was an amazing man and he will be missed. Please let me know if I can do anything for you and your family! I'll see you this weekend.I love you!!Gina


  3. Oh Lisa, such wisdom and spirituality in this young man. What a gift to express himself in this beautiful way. So heartfelt is this image painted by Matthew, it seems to beat a palpable pulse. His forefather now wears the crown and rests peacefully.God bless you all.Love,Regina


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