7 thoughts on “For Janine

  1. Thank you Lisa. I know how hard this is for you right now. In encouraging others it helps us also heal.And I am reading your ordeal too. Every family has a story I have discovered, and most often it includes the "Big C"


  2. Dearest Lisa,You are certainly very good to me!!!!Especially since your heart is so heavy!!! You are a courageous woman…and you friendship means so very, very much to me!!! "Talk" to you as soon as I go off the morphine and oxycodone!!! Love you, my dear friend!!! Soon, we will share that bowl of ice cream!!! ~Janine XO


  3. Hello, Lisa! Just stopping by to tell you that everything went well, and I'm feeling a little better today!! Hope you are okay…I've been praying, and praying for you and your family!!! Much love to you, my dear friend!! Janine XO


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