We have had another busy week of school and I think we are finally getting back into our school groove……just in time to stop for the Thanks Giving Season.

At first we thought it might be a good idea to go to Karen’s house for the holiday but as the time grew closer and the emotions grew stronger we realized we needed to stay home.

Most importantly my mother didn’t want to go……I didn’t want to go. I felt we have had enough change and Thanks Giving is always good at mom’s……There is the family time, the food that can’t be beat and don’t forget all the chocolate you can eat. ((a rhyme!))

There is always the football game in the warm November sun. Mark and Reiner team up with the smallest kids and cream the larger boys in the family. It is great fun to be in and watch.

It is warm.

There is love flowing through all the rooms.

There is happiness.

My father always cuts the turkey. The men or boys that are not in the game at the time stand around him and talk in hopes of a first taste…..My dad will arrange the slices in a fan and then garnishes the plate with oranges, green and red cranberries.

It is always beautiful.
This thought hit me the other day in the shower:

Who is going to cut the turkey?
How can anyone do it the way he did?
Now I miss him more then ever.
Maybe I am a delayed reactor………and just really S-L-O-W
Stupid Thanks Giving….Stupid Turkey

7 thoughts on “Stupid Turkey

  1. Next year, the turkey will be a teenie, weenie bit less stupid…I promise 😉 Remember…if you cry…it's not about the stupid turkey 😉 So, so, sorry, my dear Lisa…I love you very much!!! Great big hugs, Janine xx


  2. You are so right that your Dad was like a surgeon in cutting the Turkey. I always marveled the way he cut the turkey. He enjoyed doing it and enjoyed having you all there. I am glad you will all be together again this year and his spirit will be strong with you all.Love,Auntie


  3. The Holidays. It's like you're on this road and you know there's a cliff coming up and you just don't want to get there too fast because then you know you have to either jump off of it or find a way to go around it. As hard as it may be, I know that your Dad will be right there with you and his spirit will get all of you through the day.Love you!XOXOXO


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