Mary Elizabeth LOVES Her Big Brother

Where He goes…She goes.

When he wears his hat…She wears his other hat her hat.

When He goes out…She knows He will take her.

~ That is the way it is ~


I think he likes it…Don’t you?


13 thoughts on “Stephen and His Side-Kick

  1. She is so adorable and what an adoring big brother. They are so lucky to have each other and enjoy each other.Thanksgiving will never be the same for you. I'm glad you all decided to be together at the house where you always celebrate special occasions. I think that's what your Dad would want. He's there and he'll make his presence known. There will be tears and smiles and wonderful stories to share and a few more tears to wipe away. But you'll be together and that is the one thing that he ALWAYS wanted for his family.Enjoy the turkey and I hope the one who carves it has a sturdy backbone as those are some big shoes to fill!!Love ya,Regina


  2. How wonderful to have a big brother that is so kind. I have one also and he used to pick me up on his shoulders and say "Hi Lou". His name is Edmund. Some things in life, you never forget. We do not have any pictures, but I remember his kindness to me. Stephen is a peach of a guy and Mary is adorable.Auntie


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