Okay, I promise this is the last Christmas day post …
I almost called this post Merry Kissmass…but I thought you may think that would be way too tacky so I didn’t.
You will see why…….
There is something you don’t know about us….
Well, really there is something you don’t know about my husband…..
He is a huge Kiss fan…
Huge!!!! I tell you!!!
For Christmas and lots of fun this year Mark’s sister gave him Kiss things.

Thanks Kim!!!
Yeah! She looks nice enough BUT…should we encourage him?
Back to the day…This year we had planned on spending December 26 with Mark’s mother and sisters. They were thoughtful enough to make sure they included my mother but when all was said and done my mom was just to pooped to come. So She stayed home and enjoyed the quite of the season…
We arrived to a beautiful feast table full of desserts and snacks.

The Dinning Room was prepared beautifully with three tables arranged for us all to sit and celebrate together in the same room. It was really very, very nice.
We could see they must have been working for days.

It was Mark’s job to cut the turkey.

We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

They showered us with more gifts…and the day spending time with family was perfect.


did I mention Mark is a huge Steelers fan too?

I think the highlight of the day for me was when Mark gave his mom this GREAT BIG bottle of Sherry…To think, we brought in such a big bottle of sherry for his mother, who is such a sweet, kind, gentle LADY made laugh and laugh…Mark said he bought the big one thinking there was more bang for the buck…True…But it will take her the next 35 years to drink it all.
The thought of that just cracked me up all day…and everytime I look at this photo I still giggle.

Matthew enjoyed it too.

And Liz…She wants to know where Santa Clause is and why he has only come

THREE times this year….

4 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad … Día Tres ((Day Three)) Last Day I Promise!!!

  1. So, did Mark get tickets to go see KISS? Still waters run deep. Mark is usually very quiet and the picture of Kiss does not seem to look like his type. I will have to listen to Kiss to see if they know any of the tunes that Jim and I sing.Happy New Year,Auntie


  2. Oh, you have such a terrific sense of humor…I'm chuckling over the Kiss photo, and puns…I'm laughing over the Sherry…and roaring over Liz's question…I'm seeing a few smiles peer through the clouds…I love you with ALL my heart!!!! You are such a phenomenal friend…I just can't thank God enough for you!! How did I EVER rate? Love you so much!!!! Janine XOXO


  3. Love the Sherry. Hope your Pittsburg fan is not too disappointed with the post-season without the Steelers. I supposed they are re-building the team. It seems teams squander large sums of money building what tey perceive is a Super Bowl caliber team. When the trip to SB is realized, win or lose, the team is dismantled.


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