I have always loved this picture but really have not had a reason to post it.

That was until this morning.

I clicked on to one of my favorite blogs and saw a photograph taken by Amy.

I am still not sure how to get a signature on the photo but, I really like most of the things Amy does and often try to use her suggestions. Even after a year of blogging and picture taking I still think of myself as a REAL Novice to all this computer stuff. I have found the only way through this blogging journey is to try MOST suggestions given…

At one point Amy suggested boarders…….I have played with this idea a few times but never did anything with it.

I really think the boarder is cute in this photo but it cuts off Liz’s hand. So I am not sure if a boarder is right for this picture.

Today Amy suggested going over to Lisa’s blog……Not me…another Lisa…. A REAL Photographer. Her photographs are just gorgeous!

Check it!

11 thoughts on “Playing with Pictures

  1. I love your picture. Your daughter is beautiful! And I really think this is a perfect shot for black and white :). It looks like a classic picture of a princess! I like the border too. Very nice! SO glad you joined. Nice to meet you. This is my first week participating in this also. I think black and white pictures are lovely!


  2. Precious! We got our 4y/o a dress up kit for her bday in Dec. Im not sure if I love it or hate it! She dresses up EVERY SINGLE DAY as one of the princess'. LOL


  3. Ohhhh, Lisa! How sweet you are! Thank you. Picassa is free, not MAC compatible and you can write on your photos there. I use Photobucket and pay an annual fee. I LOVE it.The picture is darling. We are lucky to have our little princesses, huh :).xxAmy


  4. I didn't notice the border cut her little hand off at first … she is a cutie! I have a hard time knowing about placing a border or not. My thoughts would be no with this picture because it does cut her little hand off. Just my thoughts. Nice B&W conversion!


  5. I think we get too wrapped up in the "art" of blogging and photos and not the fun.I have some photo training but there are times I throw it all to the wind for a photo that fits the mood of the moment, and frequently use photos of my relatives and friends, simply because they fit the subject of the blog.Have fun, and don't be too critical of yourself


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