I came across the button I am putting on my blog today. To me it is the most important thing I will ever have on this thing.

Most of you know my father died of NON-smokers cancer September 30, 2009.

This never should have happened in our family. My father was always the picture of health.

He NEVER smoked, he did not live with smokers, he always exercised. He even exercised up to the last week of his life. He ate the way “they” tell you…He loved his family and his life.


Sadly, my family has learned NO ONE is safe from this disease.

It really does not matter your political view point. Just take action……take time to write a letter and sign the petition.

This is the letter I sent ~ Not one of my best……but I wanted to get the job done TODAY.

September 30, 2009 lung cancer killed my father.

When he was first diagnosed you could have knocked the family over with a feather. We were all in a state of shock to think this vibrant healthy man was sick with Stage Four Lung Cancer…His request to his team of doctors was for them to move fast and treat him anyway he they could.

They did.

My father under went many experimental treatments. He fought his battle for 4.5 years with the doctors cheering him on…until the cancer went into his bones and then to his brain. At this point the doctors washed their hands and cowardly moved on to other cancer victims.

He still fought on with his family by his side.

NO-one fought hard then he.

If you have never smoked, never lived with smokers, always exercised and love your life….Do NOT be so arrogant to mistake your safety or family’s safety form this disease…You could be next.

Please for the sack of the American family put your politics aside and fund this very important bill.



I am asing YOU to please send your own letter or copy mine……I don’t care. Just do it……….PLEASE!!!

NO-one should have to go through this…..Mostly the cancer victim.

10 thoughts on “The Lung Cancer Button

  1. It is just like COPD My smoker husband has it. I, a lifelong NON smoker have COPD too, and worse than my husband. We both are regularly examined for cancer.Life is not fair, you feel and also do I.Thanks for a great post! I contribute regularly to cancer causes.


  2. When I think of the lives I have known devastated by cancer it can comletely overwhelm me on so many levels. Precios lives lost and everyone in the wake suffering. Lisa, good for you to do what you could to maken a difference!It is wrong wihat happened to your father, and unfair in everyway. I wish life was fair!xxAmy


  3. Once again, I am encouraged by your concern and bravado…this time in tackling so serious and worthy a cause. I have NO DOUBT, my friend, with your lion's heart (to quote "T" I believe 🙂 that you could single-handedly take on not only the Washington bureaucrats, but lung cancer itself if it got in the ring with you!!!


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