Keeping up with Lisa’s Long Road to China Black and White Wednesday:
We have a few Birthday to celebrate this week.

Our BIG sister Karen, January 31 and her

‘little’ Brother Bill

February 2



Just because it is REALLY important:

Don’t forget to sign the petition and write a letter to your local Senator and Congress man about Lung Cancer Research….It is now in the US House and Senate. There is still time to act and save lives.

12 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday

  1. Happy Birthday Karen : ) This is a wonderful picture…so much love. My aunt is in the process of going through chemo for lung has been a rough road..thank you for speaking out on this {{}}


  2. Nice Photo of the "twins" Lisa. 😉 (Cute comment from one of your readers.) BTW I loved Karen's (homemade hotfudge … shh. don't tell her… it's gone!!) Love, Marg.


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