I can hear it now:
“Why would you post that picture?” “No! More Close ups!”
I know my mother is not going to like the picture I choose this week for
Lisa’s “The Long Road to China”
Black and White Wednesday.
But I Love this picture of her and I think it is a perfect way to end a difficult month….
the month of Love… the month of February.
I wish my mother could see what I see when I look at pictures of her.
I see the HEART BEAT of our Family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please don’t forget to Ask Congress to support the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act of 2009….My mother would really appreciate it.

17 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday the Heart Beat

  1. It's so hard to see ourselves looking so different from how we feel or how we remember what the mirror reflected.But I love how you see her heart and pay hommage to your Mom. This IS a lovely image with much love!


  2. Lisa, Oh, this was lovely ~ this will, I think, make your beautiful Mama smile, as she should!AND gosh, I'm so behind; I have enjoyed peeking back and was SO happy to hear last week that you did go forward and celebrate those special birthdays, despite how difficult it must have been. Sometimes there is a bit of healing within each step we take….Sorry I missesd last week's B&W ~ I am behind in my own blogging too…LOL….its been crazy! LOLWonderful pics all around!


  3. What a beautiful image of your mom, Lisa.My mom is also a very pretty woman but when she sees herself she only sees the part of her that is older than her memory wants her to be. When I see her I see all the years of wisdom and love she has gained and imparted to us over the years.I have not posted a full photo of my mom on my blog ever…because I know how she is…but, thanks to you that's about to change…shhhhh…don't tell her but its time!I love seeing her with your little one!Happy Thursday!Dita


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