Playing Melissa’s “Snapshot Sunday

I thought I would post this picture of Kathryn playing basketball;

She was on the church team and those girls worked hard!

I took this picture last Tuesday night at one of the play off games.

I didn’t even realize I took this shot. I looked down at my camera thinking darn it…I didn’t even


I missed again. But there it was.

I skillfully planned this shot.


I am really getting the hang of this thing.

4 thoughts on “Snapshot Suday ~ "OH! I Got It!!!"

  1. Isn't fun when things turn out right, despite our feeble plans?!My blog on Monday is a return to understanding f-stop(aperture)/exposure/lens length, etc.I've wanted to do this for some time. The beauty of f-stops is blurred busy backgrounds. Macros do that almost without trying.But everything can't be a Macro+ the blurring can be overdown. Out of six pictures I accomplished my goal in two shots. two were maybes, two were failures.Congrats on a great shot!


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