Did YA know?
We Celebrate SEVEN Birthdays in March.
DSCF5963-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477
In the spirit of the BIG Birthday month, I thought I would take a picture of everyone who had a birthday the month of March and was at James’s 21st birthday party.
Sometimes George likes to steal the show…
Well, If you know George, you will know, most of the time George likes to steal the show.
That is what makes him fun.
He thinks he ruined this picture….What he never realized was as soon as he jumped in front of Reiner I thought, “Oooo! This will be a great picture to play Lisa’s Long Road to China and Black and White Wednesday.”
George was very pleased with himself thinking ~ He was making things difficult for his “little Sister”. He is always teasing…The perfect big Brother. He plays his role like a pro.
Now here is the thing: George doesn’t have a computer and he doesn’t read the blog.
Soooo, let’s not tell him…The joke really is on George.
I hope he will keep trying very hard to ruin more pictures.
Teasing George back is fun!

12 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday ~ YA Gotta LOVE George!

  1. That's funny. I'm with you on the March birthday thing. We have plenty in our family (including me and my daughter) and I've always thought there was a plethora of b-days in March. Glad to hear somone agrees. I wonder what goes on 9 months before March? Hmmmmmm………….I got it. The holidays!! 😉


  2. LOL This made me smile more than once, cuz sometimes I find myself thinking, oh, this will be great stuff for the blog. Ha! Ha! Glad I'm not the only one!!Great fun pic too!! I need to get back to my B&W Wed. roots! :)Enjoy all those March b-days!!


  3. Love it! I guess its official…no matter what age George is he'll ALWAYS be your big brother!Heheheheheheh…the joke's on YOU, George!


  4. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so lovin' this!!! And laughing until the tears stream! You are a hoot, dearest Lisa! Love it! Thanks for telling me about this…I don't know how I missed this one! Love you!! Janine XO


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