I sat down to write about Kathryn and her 13th birthday today and how I can’t believe the time has past. How lucky I feel to have been privileged enough to be not only her mother, but to be her school teacher as well.

I thought I would tell you for her birthday everyone showered her with the most beautiful gifts.

DSCF6018-1.jpg picture by marka5477

I thought I would tell you about the ring my mother had made for Kathryn out of an old earring. My father had bought a set of earrings for my mother over 50 years ago in Filen’s Basement and when my mother lost one earing she held on to the other one saving it for years. I thought I would mention my mother had the remaining earring made into a MOST fabulous ring this year just for Kathryn. I wanted to say just how delighted and truly special this gift is to both Kathryn and me.

I thought I mention how Margaret bought Kathryn a beautiful jewelry box just to put the ring in.

13 for Kathryn this year will be a year to remember.


I really have wanted to post all this for the past couple of days but I couldn’t get to it for one reason or another. Tonight I decided this post may be a great post for Black and White Wednesdays.

So now here we are and Kathryn is not only another year older, she is making advances into the cooking world.

Tonight she was trying to boil water for a nice hot cup of peppermint tea before ending her great day and calling it a night. After putting a pan on the stove to boil the water in, she covered the pan with a plastic cover that was way to big for the pan AND she walk away!

Mark and the boys were not home and before I knew what had happened the house was covered in black soot, the stove was on fire and I couldn’t get the fire alarms off…….WHAT A MESS!!!


Soooooo, now I’m just think-en

Maybe we should take a little closer look at Lisa’s cooking posts after debate class for dinner tomorrow night……and then hit a few of my cousin Anne’s Simply Sweeter posts for dessert.

Maybe we should consider tutor. ANNE??? Lisa??? What do you think?

21 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday & A VERY Special 13th Birthday

  1. Forget the reading – I'm thinking that Anne Marie and Lisa need to SHOW up for an emergency teaching class! 😉 Where DOES she Learn these things???Happy Birthday Kathryn. Love, Marg.


  2. Oh my gosh….That scary mess….ack ~ glad no one was hurt!AND your beautiful girl…happy happy birthday!!What an amazing thing your Mom did….so creative and something to always cherish!


  3. Oh NOOOOOOO….what a mess but what a lesson your new teenager learned. I know that she will never do that again. It really does take making mistakes to learn so much of the time.What a memorable birthday it must have been for your little beauty. The ring is SUCH a thoughtful, special and sentimental gift and such special significance behind it. You mom and dad will always be with her, holding her hand, through life.Happy 13th!


  4. Oh…way too scary. What if you hadn't caught it? I can't even go there.However, Happy 13th Birthday to your lovely daughter. Such an important one.


  5. Shades of your Mom cooking fudge on Norton street. Glad the fire was not more serious. Jen caused a $2000 fire when she was about 15 years old making french fries. What a beautiful gift for Katherine from your Mom and Margaret. Happy Birthday to Kathren. Is she going to be a fire fighter?Auntie


  6. Um,yeah.Good Night Nurse! I'm glad that you didn't decide to go out for one of your "runs" while waiting for the teawater to boil. Otherwise, you'd all be living in a tent right now. I think it's time to introduce a Fire Safety Course into the homeschooling curriculum, don't you?? LOLhttp://www.simplysweeter.blogspot.com


  7. I read the whole post with a smile on my face and then when I read the end I couldn't help but laugh.That ring is just beautiful and so is the girl who will wear it!


  8. Don't be too hard on the 13 yr old. This 73 yr old has melted just about everything on the stove, the worse was a pot of beans that boil dry and burned to nothing but charcoal chips melted into the bottom of the pot. A part of the bottom coil on the pot melted on the stove. We came home to a housefull of smoke. Our homeowner's insurance paid for cleanup.


  9. Yikes! I did something like that to a pan on my stove a few years ago. It was horrible and the smell lingered in my house for nearly a month! Glad it ended without the need of services from the fire department!DonnaOur Blog: Double Happiness!


  10. Although am reeling over the fire (THANK GOD you caught it…could have spread over here! 🙂 Am reeling even more over the ring!!! Oh my…I don't think I've EVER heard of a more sentimental and loving gift from a grandmother to a granddaughter. What amazing women are in your family!


  11. I love the presentation of this blog entry! What's a little overboiled chocolate when you surround it with a lovely song, and special mementos from a loving family? The re-fashioned earing will, I'm sure, be treasured for a lifetime. The spirit of your mom and dad's love will forever shine in her heart.Happy Birthday Katherine, MShaw


  12. I too love this blog! The big pictures, the music now, the honesty and the family love. The ring your mother gave to your daughter is just beautiful. I am sure she will always treasure it. julie


  13. Oh, I'm in stitches!!! Sounds like something I'd do!!! But what a lovely ring!!! And truly a treasure for her…13 will be a year she never forgets…She is beautiful, btw! You must be so proud of her! Love you so much, Janine XO


  14. Poor Kathryn. I can totally sympathize. I see my mother already noted the little incident *I* caused when I was 15. But come on!! Who knew you couldn't put WATER on a GREASE fire? I remember those earrings of your moms. What a perfect gift, I love it.


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