March 19 Kathryn’s Little Flowers group hosted a garage sale.  They collected things from neighbors, friends and family to sell that early, cool Saturday morning.
All the proceeds this year will go to The Haven in Spartanburg. The girls raised a little over $200..

The Haven is a non-profit organization that helps homeless families stay together. The Haven provides a warm, safe place for a whole family to live and ,most importantly, stay together while the family over comes their terrible hardship.

This year, as you can imagine, the Haven has been very busy.

Through out the year the Little Flowers try to make a difference in the lives of the people around them.
Later this month, the girls and their leader will take the money they have earned and go shopping. They will buy things like: towels, sheets, dishes, shower curtains and other items a family may need to set up a proper home. The girls will take all these items down to the Heaven and just simply… hand them over.  When the time comes for these families to leave the Haven, we hope, they will have what is needed.
The Little Flowers have learned are teaching everyone around them to Walk the Walk. At this young age they know talk is cheap and “The Walk” is what is important. They are putting people and families first.
I tell you, I couldn’t be more proud of the woman my Little Flower is becoming.

6 thoughts on “The Haven

  1. What an AMAZING group! Like I've mentioned to you before, wish our church had something similar. The closest thing we have, which really is GREAT, is AWANA. But something just for "the girls"… Might just have to start something akin to it myself when Madalyn gets a bit older.Yes…yes….yes….yes…she is an exemplary girl turning into an extraordinary woman. Time has flown….Love…


  2. Wow, how amazing that young people can accomplish so much for so many others. What a wonderful thing , this walking the walk. Lisa, you must be so very proud. I agree…she is a very exemplary young thanks thanks..for your kind comment on my post today. I will do just what you recommended. I am seeing my mom later this afternoonwith much respect,Lisa


  3. I'm sure you ARE proud!!!! And you certainly have a right to be…what an amazing young woman she is! Beautiful both inside and out!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! You keep me going!! Love you! Janine XO


  4. They are an amazing group! So are the woman that teach the class. In fact, Kathryn is no longer grimacing when I ask for a Diet Coke! She's come a long way babe!! 😉 However, last weekend she suggested that "her Mother and I" needed to take this class. Not sure what she meant by that…so I took the mature route and came back with – "WELL! You need to take a Cooking Class, Missy!" Love, Marg. 😉


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