Yesterday & Today

Today is Matthew’s 18th birthday.
This year he will be graduating soon with Honors….from my little Home School.
It seems like yesterday he was standing here so excited having his picture taken.
Now I see him standing tall with his own ideas.
His own interests.
His won dreams of owning a muscadine farm and winery.
Matthew….my Son……it IS my pleasure and honor sharing my live and love with you.

Black and White Wednesday & The Sisters

Aunt Ann came down for a visit with two of her daughters….and just like Aunt Ann does SHE started to sing…and my mom started to sing…and then Auntie started to sing and sing and sing and sing.
(Aunt Ann, my Mom and Auntie)
Sing they did!
(Margaret, Karen, Me
Peggy and Regina)

There was so much singing going on…we just couldn’t get away.

the long road

April 18 1953

This day would have marked the 57th year of marriage for my parents. 

I am so proud to say my parents meant it when they said those words.  They worked hard on the marriage that seemed to come so easy to them.

Even though our dad’s body is no longer with us, it seems his strength and his spirit will live forever in our mother and in all of us. 

Hats on for Black and White Wednesday

Mary Elizabeth loves hats. She wears one almost everyday.
The hat she loves the most is Stephen’s hat.
She can pretend to be The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman or Lacus McCain’s little boy Mark.
She watches these shows with her big brother. Can you tell she they likes Westerns?
Can you tell…She likes her big brother?
I call her our bonus baby. Some days I just can’t believe she is with us.
I love watching her grow, watching her imagination take flight.
I love to see what “hat” she will choose to wear each day or who her mood will cause her to be.

Even though  days or a week may go by and I do not post because time will not permit….I look forward to Lisa’s Long Road to China’s Black and White Wednesdays.  

I find I try very hard to post on Wednesdays. 

Personally I think these black and white posts have enhanced this little blog and most importantly I feel they have enhanced my memories.

 To quote Lisa in her post today:  “It is difficult at times to live in the moment and not look too far ahead, but I think it is important. Life is too short and time can pass by so quickly.”

 I am so glad there are days when I truly know this to be true.

Thanks Lisa for starting Black and White Wednesday…and making the effort to keep it up.

I think I am going to have these pictures printed to hang in our back hall to hang on tightly to my memories and our bonus babies imagination.
the long road


We had a BIG problem last month when it came to the pool.  I am not saying who caused the problem…I am just saying we had a problem.
Someone dumped a load of mud, dirt and  grass into the pool causing a HUGE muddy mess.
 They were busy for a VERY long time.
In order from left to right….Mary Elizabeth, Nana, Eva, Kathryn, Alex and Brian
Like I said before,
I will not tell who did it. I am just sayin….someone did it.
BUT, if you guess, then YOU are a very good guesser

Just remember….I will NOT tell! So don’t even ask me.

This bit of trouble had us all… shall I say…


We just didn’t know how to clean it all up. 

We tried to vacuum the pool. As we did the mud just kept running through the filters and back into the pool again. It was creating even more of a mess….It was a real big muddy problem.

But, like I said before…I will not say “Whodunit”.
I am just not going to tell you.
Soooo, Don’t ask
I will never tell. 
I am just not like that.

I’m good.
I can keep a secret. 


You are very bad for asking me over and over again when you know I clearly said I wouldn’t tell.
Brian, ((I am not at liberty to say.)) and Alex
My only wish is to protect the innocent.
Anyway, it took a team of us to empty, clean, acid wash and pressure wash the pool.
We worked for TWO days.
The whole pool looked like this.
It will take ONE week to fill the pool back up.
Maybe it is a good thing we have someone watching the house

AT ALL times.

??? WHAT ???

HONEY IT "BEE" ~ Black and White Wednesday

Oh! I didn’t tell you!

The BEES arrived!
last Saturday
They didn’t have to fly in either…

Rick and the boys drove them in…
 Ruffo was very interested in what was in the box…UNTIL! she found out the hard way. THEY! hurt.
Matthew, Stephen and Rick spent the day last Saturday putting bees into new homes…
 We are so excited!
Our Little Boys have a “HONEY” of a new Hobby.
the long road

Mother Flaherty, the Stranger and Well……

It is April 1st already and I haven’t even mentioned the play the kids where in:
Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash

 Kathryn, Alex and Brian were in a play with the Home School  Co-op we are a member March 21st.
As in all good Irish Plays: there were Lepricons, Little People
and a very Bossy Mother…Mother Flaherty, whom Kathryn got to play.
Kathryn enjoyed calling her  daughter’s suitor “Boy-O” way to much.
Alex couldn’t keep a straight face when he saw a fly that could play a violin and Brian….
Mmmm…..He was not that interested and really didn’t see the need to stay on the stage.
Alex couldn’t keep his eyes off the fly…..And Kathryn well…
Do you hear her thinking “Amateurs” in this picture?
I’m just sayin.