It is April 1st already and I haven’t even mentioned the play the kids where in:
Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash

 Kathryn, Alex and Brian were in a play with the Home School  Co-op we are a member March 21st.
As in all good Irish Plays: there were Lepricons, Little People
and a very Bossy Mother…Mother Flaherty, whom Kathryn got to play.
Kathryn enjoyed calling her  daughter’s suitor “Boy-O” way to much.
Alex couldn’t keep a straight face when he saw a fly that could play a violin and Brian….
Mmmm…..He was not that interested and really didn’t see the need to stay on the stage.
Alex couldn’t keep his eyes off the fly…..And Kathryn well…
Do you hear her thinking “Amateurs” in this picture?
I’m just sayin.

6 thoughts on “Mother Flaherty, the Stranger and Well……

  1. Oh, I LOVE this post. It feels like I was there. Kathryn really cracked me up. I was exactly like that in plays when I was her age…those darned boys…when will they ever grow up (heheheheh)Love the costumes and the way you told the story!


  2. It really was a cute play. Don't cha ya know? I enjoyed watching Brian (or the lack thereof) Don't cha ya know. Alexander was darling, don't cha ya know and Kathryn! Don't cha ya know was great!! NO I'm not biased. Don't cha ya know! Just a Mother and an Aunt of the stars! Don't cha ya know!! 😉 Good Post! Don't cha ya know. Love, Marg.


  3. Dear Lisa,You know what? These are beautiful pictures! And you are a great storyteller!P.S. You still me owe me chocolate sundae ;-)Happy Easter to you and yours!And Lisa, I do appreciate your being very supportive during this difficult time. Thank you very much!


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