Oh! I didn’t tell you!

The BEES arrived!
last Saturday
They didn’t have to fly in either…

Rick and the boys drove them in…
 Ruffo was very interested in what was in the box…UNTIL! she found out the hard way. THEY! hurt.
Matthew, Stephen and Rick spent the day last Saturday putting bees into new homes…
 We are so excited!
Our Little Boys have a “HONEY” of a new Hobby.
the long road

20 thoughts on “HONEY IT "BEE" ~ Black and White Wednesday

  1. Oh MAN you are brave! Your LITTLE Boys…couldn't they have taken up something a little more tame….like BASKET WEAVING??Love the idea of fresh honey…don't love the idea of those babies swirlin' around!YIKES!(Great shots by the way!)


  2. Fresh home-made honey! Love the idea….the bees?….well.Actually, when I planted my roses years ago I made a deal with my bees and we get along pretty good. Now, the wasps are another story.Great story in pictures.


  3. Wow so much fun!! Yall are really brave having bees around but the outcome is going to be so tasty!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment I appreciate it!!


  4. These comments are CRACKING ME UP!!! Everyone half-freaked out about the bees! LOL! Yes…bee stings hurt. And yes…some are highly allergic (for me, it's the yellow jackets and wasps). HOWEVER, bees aren't aggressive like their cousins the wasp and yellow jacket. That is unless we're talking African bees! Anyhow, the life of bees (no pun on the book or movie here!) is AMAZING! And NOTHING, i mean NOTHING beats fresh honey!You already know I think this "science experiment"/hobby/life lesson you've encouraged the boys to do is remarkable! Way to go Lisa!! Whoo Hooo! P.S. GREAT pics! BTW, LOVE the "Stupid Rick" label at the bottom of the post! LMBO!


  5. Cool! I love the first photo with the bees all honey colored!No bee suits for Ruffo, eh? Our childhood dog loved to eat bees and she found a way to do it with just her front teeth with her lips careful not to touch the bee. It was hysterically funny to watch. Too bad there wasn't any easy video back then!DonnaOur Blog: Double Happiness!


  6. Lisa…I love your pics, especially the blury backgrounds.I only recently got a 'big girl' camera and this thing boggles my mind, never mind the editing programes!!!My youngest would love having bee's, anything animal, spider, insect or bug has been through our house, and I find dead insects in jars all around the house!He was born to live on a farm!You are very brave…I would be way to scared to be stung!


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