We had a BIG problem last month when it came to the pool.  I am not saying who caused the problem…I am just saying we had a problem.
Someone dumped a load of mud, dirt and  grass into the pool causing a HUGE muddy mess.
 They were busy for a VERY long time.
In order from left to right….Mary Elizabeth, Nana, Eva, Kathryn, Alex and Brian
Like I said before,
I will not tell who did it. I am just sayin….someone did it.
BUT, if you guess, then YOU are a very good guesser

Just remember….I will NOT tell! So don’t even ask me.

This bit of trouble had us all… shall I say…


We just didn’t know how to clean it all up. 

We tried to vacuum the pool. As we did the mud just kept running through the filters and back into the pool again. It was creating even more of a mess….It was a real big muddy problem.

But, like I said before…I will not say “Whodunit”.
I am just not going to tell you.
Soooo, Don’t ask
I will never tell. 
I am just not like that.

I’m good.
I can keep a secret. 


You are very bad for asking me over and over again when you know I clearly said I wouldn’t tell.
Brian, ((I am not at liberty to say.)) and Alex
My only wish is to protect the innocent.
Anyway, it took a team of us to empty, clean, acid wash and pressure wash the pool.
We worked for TWO days.
The whole pool looked like this.
It will take ONE week to fill the pool back up.
Maybe it is a good thing we have someone watching the house

AT ALL times.

??? WHAT ???

12 thoughts on “WhoDunIt???

  1. Oh good. You drained it. While he's down there, tell George to look for my gold pinkie ring that I misplaced in the poolhouse in 1993. Also, a plate of brownies.XOXO ME


  2. I have a problem, I really coulden't guess who dunnit, but the kid on the diving board looked pretty suspicious. Great post, your getting sooo good. What a fun blog.


  3. This post had me smiling.You are so awesome. I would have been crabby and not happy and here you blogged about it.hope whoever did it ..does NOT do that again.Love the pictures.Lisa


  4. Ummm. Soooooo. I'm guessing…….. George???? Rumor has it He took Anne Marie's gold pinkie ring and a plate of brownies back in '93. Those two darlings in the last picture are just adorable!! I must state that their Mother, Saintly as she is, told me that SHE doesn't know whodunit either. SHE finds the whole ordeal very puzzling. πŸ˜‰ Cute Post. Love, Marg.


  5. For the record: Brian said "Well. I didn't put grass in the pool." then he stated "the ones with the circles on their heads are guilty as charged!"Alexander's response "Finally! We're not devils anymore." (I like the picture at the end).Overheard from their Saintly Father (and Mother);-)


  6. Oh, Lisa…you have got to be one of THE wittiest ladies I know!!! I was just crackin' up the whole way through this post!!! Your kids are soooo lucky to have such a terrific mom!!! And I'm just sooooo fortunate to have such a fabulous friend!!! Love you so much!!! ~Janine XOXO


  7. The thing about kids–they always find creative ways to bring the family together! Just think, now you'll have a sparkiling pool for the rest of the season!Marie


  8. LMBO!!!! WHAT A MESS!!!!!Bet George was hopping happy!!! ;)Tell you what, you teach me the photo editing and I'll teach you couponing???? :)I'm thinking Grace did it when no one was looking! πŸ™‚


  9. It is a good think Grandpa is still smiling at the little devils. He hated to see things destroyed and what a mess you had to clean up.Glad everyone showed up to help.Love,Auntie


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