Mary Elizabeth loves hats. She wears one almost everyday.
The hat she loves the most is Stephen’s hat.
She can pretend to be The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman or Lacus McCain’s little boy Mark.
She watches these shows with her big brother. Can you tell she they likes Westerns?
Can you tell…She likes her big brother?
I call her our bonus baby. Some days I just can’t believe she is with us.
I love watching her grow, watching her imagination take flight.
I love to see what “hat” she will choose to wear each day or who her mood will cause her to be.

Even though  days or a week may go by and I do not post because time will not permit….I look forward to Lisa’s Long Road to China’s Black and White Wednesdays.  

I find I try very hard to post on Wednesdays. 

Personally I think these black and white posts have enhanced this little blog and most importantly I feel they have enhanced my memories.

 To quote Lisa in her post today:  “It is difficult at times to live in the moment and not look too far ahead, but I think it is important. Life is too short and time can pass by so quickly.”

 I am so glad there are days when I truly know this to be true.

Thanks Lisa for starting Black and White Wednesday…and making the effort to keep it up.

I think I am going to have these pictures printed to hang in our back hall to hang on tightly to my memories and our bonus babies imagination.
the long road

13 thoughts on “Hats on for Black and White Wednesday

  1. Oh, she is sooooo beautiful!!! And these are absolutely fantastic photos! So very good that I'd mistake them for professional portraits! I think you should DEFINITELY print them…frame them and hang them!!! Beautiful art and memories–yup, that's what they are! Love you!! Janine XO


  2. And MAN do hats look good on her!!!I'm partial to the last photo. If you look close enough, you can catch a glimpse of the woman she will one day be….Love,I


  3. A loving nostalgic posting of a sweet and charming child. My childhood fetish was shoes. I loved new shoes. seems odd now as I can only wear walking shoes and non-binding hosiery/socks in my old age.


  4. I see you added a playlist on here.I love Fur Elise! I used to play it on paino.I love b&w photos. When I started my blog, I planned to post mostly b&w photos (but my blog took its own course ;-)I am thrilled to see what hat your daughter is going to wear on her next photo shoot!


  5. She is so sweet….and I love that she is likes to wear hats:) I wish Sarah would……I love them and she will never leave them on her head:(I just need to thank you……. you always leave the most kind and heartfelt comments. Know that I appreciate every one. I am so happy that you are enjoying black and white wednesdays:)Have a wonderful Sunday~xo,Lisa


  6. Couldn't have said it better myself, my friend.I am finding it so hard to keep up right now since starting a new job last week but I do try like the Dickens to get B&W Wednesdays at least.I am sorry I missed this when it originally posted last week….what a doll she is…a BONUS BABY, indeed!Love the hat but love that smile MORE!


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