Aunt Ann came down for a visit with two of her daughters….and just like Aunt Ann does SHE started to sing…and my mom started to sing…and then Auntie started to sing and sing and sing and sing.
(Aunt Ann, my Mom and Auntie)
Sing they did!
(Margaret, Karen, Me
Peggy and Regina)

There was so much singing going on…we just couldn’t get away.

the long road

14 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday & The Sisters

  1. I don't know why, but for some reason, when I looked at you in the second pic, I saw your father! Never realized how much YOU look like him! Mayhap this pic drove it home cause you were in close proximity with Karen & Margaret (who are carbon copies of Grace). I don't know…but wanted to share…There seems to be a common thread with the "sister" B&W's today! Have been to a few other blogs and most of them are about their sister's! I put one of Sara up: the same one & post I used for my Snapshot Sundays (which I took down…just too much to do in this blogosphere to add another!)Have seen you out there running in the a.m.YAY, YOU!!!! :)XXXXXX


  2. Oh, Lisa! I'm so glad they can sing!! Such joy in their faces! And in yours…there is nothing like love to wrap you in its arms… (like the arms of the tree :-)) These photos are wonderful!!! And your mom? She looks so beautiful! And the three of them together? A dynamic threesome! Loved this…and something about black and white gives such a soft, reflective feel to the photo! Superb! Love you so much, Janine XO


  3. Hi Lisa!We had SO MUCH fun visiting our Southern kin. Y'all sure do know how to make your guests feel welcome. The sisters picture is beautiful and a real keepsake for us. The other photo reminds me of the Trapp Family kids hanging out of the trees in the Sound of Music…yeah, thats what we were doing!! It was great being with all of you. Can't wait to go back!Smooches!Regina


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