Matthew got his braces off today.

Don’t you just LOVE this smile?


11 thoughts on “WOW! What a SMILE!!!

  1. He could be the poster child for the Orthodontist! Well, not "child"…for he's definitely moving away from that (sniff sniff). 🙂 Seems like yesterday he was here learning some Geography…AND accidentally coming upon a not-so-good website when he tried to Google something! UGH!! You remember that???? I'll never forget it!!!! Thank God it was only on the screen a few split seconds before I scrambled like a CRAZY woman to get it off!!! Have the parental blocks up now. 😉 Thank God his Mom understood…she could have put me in the hospital! 😉


  2. Oh My – gorgeous smile on that Matthew! Make him wear his retainers – my Patrick has been very lazy about that and his teeth are shifting – $10,000 later…….


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