Fashion Tips from an Expert

All though, it is simply wise to wear what feels good.
Comfort is not always the best option. But, if it works… then go with it.
It is simply clear in the choices our model has made for a peaceful nights rest
Water Animals… Go Together.
If it feels good and you think you look good……..Then you do! You must!
Don’t you wish you had her confindence?

Black and White Happiness 101

This week Weeks ago Almost a month ago I received an award from my friend Cleo at Wemmicks-in-training. It was truly so very nice of her to think of me and really she shouldn’t have. With that said thank you Ms. Cleo….
But, like most things having this award comes with rules. The recipient is to list 10 things that truly make them happy. I thought I would do this for Black and White Wednesday…Maybe this is what took me so long. But, I never said which Black and White Wednesday it would be.

First of all I would have to start with this guy.
My husband…((as of June 15)) for 19 years. He still takes my breath away and makes me very happy.  

Then of course, I am very happy to have this guy in my life…My son Matthew…
He’s a joy and a research bug. If it is in front of him he will read it and then find out more about it.
Then of course there is Stephen…..Stephen would give you the shirt right off his back…He is the kindest, most gentle young man I know…I am proud to say I am his mother. May he never change.

This girl makes my heart sing with pride…My daughter, Kathryn Grace with the beautiful face. And let’s not forget about the brains and personality to go with that beautiful face. She has it all.

and last but never least…There is Mary Elizabeth…Sassy Mai…She takes my breath away and keeps me smiling. This one little girl brings so much joy to everyone around her.

There is always good food…covered in Chocolate to share with my dear sister.
Having a fine drink from a beautiful glass that sings is always a joy to be hold.

Special Occasions and being surrounded by family.
Being near water makes me feel so alive.
AND then there are the Memories.
Knowing I am part of something bigger then I am, brings me more then happiness. It simply brings me joy. 
Thanks MelissaCleo
The second part of having this award requires me to pass it on…. I will do so with pleasure.
To all I have passed this along……Enjoy!
the long road

The Thing I Came to Tell You

You know, I just haven’t had much time to post lately. My kids have been busy with term papers, research papers and more papers.

It seems their teacher has really loaded them down with quite a lot of work to do. And being that we are a little one room, one computer school house…….I have to share.
Mother’s Day was grand….my kids shower me gifts! The boys have been unloading trucks at a nursery and got some great Mother’s Day deals.
It warms a mothers heart to see her kids shopping for a bargain.
But, I have to tell you all about that at another time. I have so much to do today and typically the clock is moving faster then I am.
The news of the week! The the thing I came to tell you.
Yesterday was my mothers birthday. One of the many first we have been through this year…..since….well, you know.
We had a little party. Stephen made dinner and I threw together…….THE CAKE!…….which is always home made and never boxed!
Then we where off to the baseball game.
 It was great!
We all went and really enjoyed the night. However, I do think  Auntie’s Jim enjoyed the night the most…
Do you recognize him?
He is Jimmy Cooney’s little boy…the famous baseball player.
Oh! Now you see it. I just had to give you a little hint………That’s all.

The Dancing Dress

 What’s a girl to do when she puts on her dancing dress OR…maybe turns on her computer and it just doesn’t work?
Maybe, she just pouts for while. She may even want to cry….But then she really has to try to find a way to simply make things work.

So she gets out there and tries… Even though the dancing dress is beautiful and the computer is suppose to be very smart…nothing seems to work and things… just don’t seem to get any better.
People try to help. But, they just couldn’t seem to get it right. You know… it has been one of those weeks…when you just can’t seem to get the “red eye” out of a good picture.
But then there is hope…

They make you smile and make the dancing dress ((or the computer)) do what it is suppose to do. And now that you can finally dance or maybe simply post…things just don’t seem all that bad anymore.