What’s a girl to do when she puts on her dancing dress OR…maybe turns on her computer and it just doesn’t work?
Maybe, she just pouts for while. She may even want to cry….But then she really has to try to find a way to simply make things work.

So she gets out there and tries… Even though the dancing dress is beautiful and the computer is suppose to be very smart…nothing seems to work and things… just don’t seem to get any better.
People try to help. But, they just couldn’t seem to get it right. You know… it has been one of those weeks…when you just can’t seem to get the “red eye” out of a good picture.
But then there is hope…

They make you smile and make the dancing dress ((or the computer)) do what it is suppose to do. And now that you can finally dance or maybe simply post…things just don’t seem all that bad anymore.

11 thoughts on “The Dancing Dress

  1. Whoa Baby!!!! Starting to play around with your storytelling, eh???? And your photoediting is grrrreat! It's gooood, Dear. ;)But really, when you have such a beautiful subject, all you have to do is snap the button on the camera and she does all the rest of the work. :)Missed you in bloggyworld! So glad your Handyman got it fixed. Again though, really, when you have a handyman like yours, there shouldn't be any doubt! ;)XXXXX,I


  2. What a great post and cuyie your subjects are so wonderful to help a little tap dancer make her debut. every one get a little shy at first, but oh world watch out for Mary Elizabeth and her partener.


  3. You are so brilliant! And witty too…and you are NEVER going to believe this…I'm going to start saying we're twins…My post tomorrow? It's about shoes…and I mention dancing shoes in particular! LOL…Are we on the same wavelength or what?? This is such a wonderful post…I love the way you tied your feelings about the computer to the expression on her face…So perfect!! This post simply flows! Love, love, love it! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! Love, Janine XO


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