The news just in from North Carolina….
It is official!
My sister Karen is now a Respiratory Therapist.
We are all so very proud of her!!!

5 thoughts on “Well…of Course She Did IT

  1. How wonderful. I may be in NC to help my sister in law through knee surgery. Since i have non smoking COPD and asthma I might have need or her, or someone like her services.Congratulations to her!


  2. YAY!!! Congrats Karen!!! I know how hard you worked. It's difficult to comprehend just how challenging it is to return to school after decades of non-study. BUT, I GET IT!!! I am so proud of you!! What a great accomplishment. I hope you took a little time to celebrate before hitting the books again for your Boards. Oh such great news…you over achiever you!!Love to y'all!Regina


  3. It was such a great day, you forgot to show our chief cook and bottle washer Joey. He really made the day with all of his great Ijust love the music, how about Matt putting it on an I pod for their wonderful Nana….hint hint..


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