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Well, it has been awhile since I last sat down to post. Let’s just say I had to take “a little bloggy break”.  I think it was Father’s day that had me all in knots. There were so many things I thought of posting and then I just couldn’t.
You know it has been hard moving on…but we are doing it. We are doing it with his spirit always by our side.
However, those thoughts are still on hold and that is not what I came to talk about with you today:  
Over the past 15 years I have been privileged enough to live with a boy I call my son, Stephen. Stephen is a giver. He is worker. He is a doer. He is smart. He is gentle. He is kind.
Stephen is always fixing things.  
He is always helping, always pleasing.
It has always been the same, since the time Stephen was a just a little guy he would jump right in there and work… side by side anyone who would allow him too.
Grandpa and Stephen working on the pool pump… June 1997
With his green sippy cup tossed to the side, even at two years old, Stephen has always been eager to learn, to study, to help.
With his greatest teacher by his side……He learned.
He studied…He helped.
Now it seems he has the patients that has been past on to him from his teacher. While his little sister takes any opportunity to sit by his side Stephen patiently allows her to help…and he teaches, he waits, he helps, and then like he was taught… he does.
If “it” is broken Stephen will fix it. If you need help Stephen sees it.  Somehow, he just  knows. Standing over 6 feet 4 and still growing, this son of my mine, with the heart of a lion is truly a wonder.
May he never change.

As Time Goes By

It’s May already.
It is almost June It is June already

Oh! My Gosh! It is June 11th already and I haven’t even finished telling you all about April.

I am always amazed how quickly the time just goes by.

With each passing month I wonder…Should I write about the things that happened months ago? Should I change the name of this blog to “Just Trying to Keep Up” or should I just keep looking forward and only post about what happened today?

Sometimes I just can’t help but to look back. Even though, where we are going is good….Where we have been has been great.

I want to share all those things with you and I really want to remember what happened in April. It was a nice month and then of course it went into May and then June with more celebrations and birthdays to come and time just goes by.

April brought another trip to the Biltmore.
This time there were no kids. Just Me, Mom, Karen and Karen’s Dearest Friend Pam…..Who is turning out to be on of those family friends we all consider to be family. She has been with Karen through thick and thin and now we just don’t remember the time she wasn’t there.
The Flowers were just beautiful in the gardens that day. As we talked about what this was or that, we meet Steve the gardener. He gave us clippings and told us how to transplant them.
And then…..
We picked up a few things along the way……

Oh! Geee! Did I say that out loud?

That day, as time went by, we strolled through the grounds of the Biltmore, we laughed, we talked, we ate and we just had a very nice day.

Aunt Ann came down with two of her daughters and granddaughter Mary Kate. There was more talking, songs were shared and the sisters laughed until they cried.

And time…. just went by.

We celebrated Auntie and Jim’s wedding again. The timing just seemed right.

Matthew took a childhood friend to her Prom and you know…..I don’t have one picture to mark the occasion.

Some how my camera disappeared.


Makes me sad too.

That same weekend, my boys finished another successful year of debate…….and again no pictures.


Mary Elizabeth’s “bestest dearest friend” ((as she says)) came to play…or was that in May? 
Time goes by so quickly it is hard to remember.
Alexander won big! He was the tennis champion in his league.
And to think…….Time moves so quickly this bit of news almost slipped right by.
Matthew had his 18th birthday, and I wonder: “How did 18 years come and go so fast? 

After picking him up from Anatomy Class we went to his favorite restaurant with Nana, James and all the family.
We sang the “Happy Birthday” song in Espanol
passed around  “the hat”.
And the time just went by.
There were bike races that night in down town Spartanburg and the streets were filled with excitement.
 Mark hurried to catch up with James and our towering two …To tell them “Be smart, stay together and we would see them in an hour or two.
That night, as we listened to Jazz bands play in the streets we felt time slip gently by and it all just seems right.

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