My Little Boys

This is a picture of the backs of my “Little Boys” and our Priest, Father Theo.
The backs of Stephen, Matthew and Father Theo…In the cowboy hat.
We were at a church party and Father Theo was teaching the boys my young men how to line dancing.

Every time I see these guys standing with grown men I am in awe and I wonder;

 “When did they get so big?”.
“Where did the time go?”
When I see them from this angle…I think WOW! with a big grin and IT cracks me up every time.

It’s not all about THEM

I don’t think I told you we had a little company this past week.
My Aunts, cousins and cousins daughters came down for a little visit;
Bringing with them lots of joy, laughter and Anthony.
Aunt Joan
These aunts are my father’s “little” sisters and two of triplets.
Among the many things I loved about having Aunt Jean and Aunt Joan here was seeing  
my father’s smile again on my Aunt Joan’s face.
I never realized it before but this time “IT” took my breath away.
Aunt Jean

I again saw Aunt Jean’s kind, gentle nature. But this time we watched as she endured a serious illness. But, she never complained….just like someone else I know. 
In both these woman, I saw their big brother Billy and one of his best qualities….I saw
in them how he would take his time and listen patiently and talk to people from the family no matter the age, size or order of importance.  

I saw how they enjoyed playing in childish games,  
allowing the smallest be the leader of the biggest chains.

I saw how they relaxed and laughed at themselves.
There were songs sung with the greatest emotion followed by dancing in the dining room.
The weekend just flew by.

When it was time for them to leave we were all a little sad to see them go.
Today, as I post and think of these warm, wonderful woman, I think about what makes them so special:  I think what makes these woman the generation of these woman so special is … 
Everything is just not about them.

Just a "Little" Birthday Party

July started off with a great big BANG!

No pun intended…It DID!

Now everybody knows that homeschoolers never socialize…

Or at least that is what they tell me.  
But, you see….Brian had a “little” birthday party that he shared with his buddy Phillip.
Brian and Phillip were both eight within days of each other.

Just like little boys do, they both wanted to have a great big birthday party. 


They wanted to invite all their home-schooled friends to help celebrate the festive occasion.

Because they are bright and creative women, the mothers of these two guys thought it would be fun to have the parties together. 

One GREAT big BASH!!!
One full day of Fun for everyone!
Lots of Fun!
More Fun!
Phillip and Brian
These guys had a Fourth of July party of a life time.
They played games.

Everyone came.
Strangely enough…for a group that does not socialize…
There were over 35 people at this “little” birthday bash.
All the kids had so much fun! 
 They are  already talking about whose party is next and can we do it ALL again tomorrow.

Black and White Magic

At sunrise this morning, I woke up to a small hand rubbing my arm
“Mommy…Is it time?”
“Is it my birthday? Am I four?”
I answered in a soft “YES, my sweet” “Your Four today.”
~ Her answer ~
A soft, gleeful….”YES!”
and she feel back to sleep in my arms.
the long road

Punkin It’s Black and White Wednesday

Do you remember these?
The pumpkins…not the little girl…I am sure you remember her.  She is the subject of most of my photography. This is mostly because my older children are getting bored with me always “snapping” while I say “wait…I’m not done…one more”.
This is the picture my cousin Anne took the weekend of “the funeral“.
I think Jen bought 17 small pumpkins and 5 large pumpkins that weekend. I remember she told me she bought that many because of  symbolism….One large pumpkin to represent each of my parent’s children and one small pumpkin to represent the grandchildren. 
I can’t remember how many mums she bought that day or even what the significance of the mums were but I know we she bought a load of mums ……maybe it will come back to me one day.
I do remember, I didn’t want to go with her to the store but she insisted. She convinced me she would be dreadfully lost if I didn’t go and she would never find her way back.  
Which was not true…She had a GPS and she lived in the area for years before she moved to California.
I figured out on the way home that day she would have been fine. I was the one who was in danger of being dreadfully lost …and thankfully she was wise enough to see it.  
Jen filled the house with colors of happiness with warm browns, bright oranges and beautiful yellows…. pumpkins, candles and mums in every room. The house looked beautiful that weekend. Just the way our mother and father loved it. 
Back to the reason for the question…..Do you remember these?
When it was time to get rid of all those pumpkins our mother didn’t quite know what to do with them: 
 So these guys
Matthew and Stephen

 took these guys

Brian and Alex
with hammers in hand, along with all the pumpkins out into the field by the compost pile.
They smashed them! 
They had a ball!  hitting them, smashing them, throwing them and watching them explode.   

Then the bees came.

and the compost pile started to flower.
and you know what happened next…
Look Jen!!!
We’re growen punkins BABY!!!
the long road