At sunrise this morning, I woke up to a small hand rubbing my arm
“Mommy…Is it time?”
“Is it my birthday? Am I four?”
I answered in a soft “YES, my sweet” “Your Four today.”
~ Her answer ~
A soft, gleeful….”YES!”
and she feel back to sleep in my arms.
the long road

13 thoughts on “Black and White Magic

  1. Hi-she is precious – beautiful way to start the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ "Happy Birthday" to your precious baby-girl.Love Gailpeace and hope…..


  2. Brian said that he's really enjoyed the past two weeks! In his words "Mom, it's been great sharing my July 4th birthday with such great people… Phillip and Mary Elizabeth" ;-)(and Auntie too) Marg


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