I don’t think I told you we had a little company this past week.
My Aunts, cousins and cousins daughters came down for a little visit;
Bringing with them lots of joy, laughter and Anthony.
Aunt Joan
These aunts are my father’s “little” sisters and two of triplets.
Among the many things I loved about having Aunt Jean and Aunt Joan here was seeing  
my father’s smile again on my Aunt Joan’s face.
I never realized it before but this time “IT” took my breath away.
Aunt Jean

I again saw Aunt Jean’s kind, gentle nature. But this time we watched as she endured a serious illness. But, she never complained….just like someone else I know. 
In both these woman, I saw their big brother Billy and one of his best qualities….I saw
in them how he would take his time and listen patiently and talk to people from the family no matter the age, size or order of importance.  

I saw how they enjoyed playing in childish games,  
allowing the smallest be the leader of the biggest chains.

I saw how they relaxed and laughed at themselves.
There were songs sung with the greatest emotion followed by dancing in the dining room.
The weekend just flew by.

When it was time for them to leave we were all a little sad to see them go.
Today, as I post and think of these warm, wonderful woman, I think about what makes them so special:  I think what makes these woman the generation of these woman so special is … 
Everything is just not about them.

6 thoughts on “It’s not all about THEM

  1. I am so sorry I was not able to attend but I understand that you laughed until you cried. Happy Days —I met them when they were 10 and I was going with their older brother Bob. I was 16 I think and your Mom 26.Auntie


  2. Love Auntie's comment!! 😉 It was a wonderful time!! So thankful for the smiles!! Can they come back every weekend?? I still get a kick out of watching the video of Aunt Joan. I wish I could figure out how to send it through e-mail. For some reason it locks up my computer every time! Maybe you can come over and figure it out or send Mark!! 😉 Marg.


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