I took this picture of Kathryn the other day. I can’t believe how much she has grown.
It thrills me to see what a beauty she is becoming. 
Septmeber 7, 2010

I do love this picture. But you know, it does not show the dimple on the other side of her face. I am telling you, that thing goes right through her face.  It is so cute! Sometimes I think I should bring that to her attention and get her to pose on that side only. . . But, then I think NO!!! I would just be creating a dimple monster.  We have enough issues at 13.  

When I was editing this picture, I noticed another picture of  her when she was in 4-k. It sits on my desk.


Kathryn 4 years old ~ Grace Covenant Christmas 2001

Yes, there was a time my kids went to school.

I can’t believe how much she has grown and I think, “What a thrill it is to be a mother.

5 thoughts on “Life’s Little Thrills

  1. Lisa, thanks for your very kind comment. Your lovely daughter Kathryn reminds me of my granddaughter Katie (Kathryn) who's 17 and a senior. Your Kathryn will be too before you know it, but I'm sure you know that already! 🙂


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