On the Eve of the Anniversary of our father’s death, the over cast skies are fitting for our somber moods. Our hearts are heavy but our Spirits are light: for we know the rain falls like  “Pennies From Heaven.” 


We simply miss him.

To pay homage to this occasion, I thought I would post a poem my sister Margaret wrote. It is about beautiful memories that will always be close to her heart. 

Our Parents Home
In my parent’s home where we have grown,
A place that’s special, we’ve all known.
One of many homes our brothers and Father built almost daily,
A place our Mother and He grew, their amazing family.
In their home we learned how to love,
In this home, our Father left with God above.
A home where parental love was very strong,
With their marriage of fifty-eight years, it wasn’t wrong.
I remember it well as a child,
Although I will admit, it ‘s been quite a while.
In the early morn such happiness filled us, we would adorn,
For the five of us, the blessings we felt to be born.
In the late of the eve under a bright moonbeam,
Mother and Father would dance, as if in a dream.
In this home happiness grew for 30 plus years,
Until late evening that day in September, we felt only tears.
We all stood in wonder as the night fell still,
Our Heavenly Father took him, after so long being ill.
Yet today as that anniversary approaches,
We are comforted, by what his spirit possess.
And as we have cried in our own special way,
We are so happy we knew him, especially today.
Now it is our Mother who carries us each through,
As my Dad often stated She is his diamond, his true.
Although He is enormously missed,
Our memories are of the wonders, in a great big list.
How lucky are those who have felt his gentle touch,
A blessing his children, grandchildren and wife miss so much.
Our Father’s love remains in our Mother’s heart and ours,
How lucky are those who have visited, and felt those loving hours.
By: Margaret F. Hoverath

12 thoughts on “A Poem by Margaret

  1. HiBeautiful poem, wonderful tribute to "family" and "home" and your Dad and all that he was/is to all of you. I so understand your loss – my Dad passed on October 22nd in 1984. Love Gailpeace and hope


  2. I love that photo! Such a beautiful and happy couple in love. That is how I will always remember Uncle Bill…smiling, laughing, enjoying life and the love of his life….and dancing. At celebrations he always danced. Just a wonderful photo that captures his spirit so well. Margaret's poem….beautiful, moving, inspirational, truly from her heart. Lovely Marg. And so nice of you Lisa to post it. I hope you all got through the day and were able to celebrate a wonderful life. Blessings.~Regina


  3. How are you, dear Lisa??…I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner to comment…but I want you to know that you've especially been in my thoughts and prayers…This is a beautiful poem about a WONDERFUL dad, husband and friend…I hope that God wrapped His arms around you especially today…and brought you peace and comfort!!!! I love you!!! Wish I could sit with you and give you a great BIG hug!!!! ~Janine XO


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