This picture was taken by my sons friend. I’m not sure who took the picture but I just love it!  Stephen had it on his face book page when he showed it to me the other day. 
I just fell in love with it. 
My two boys ~ together, enjoying each others company, smiling and laughing at each other’s jokes. This is the way they usually are. This is the way I hope I will always remember them.
Stephen and Matthew


It warms a mothers heart see this this picture.

OKAY! You cought me!

The truth is, this is the picture that was taken. This is the picture that Stephen had on his facebook page and was on some girls facebook page. As soon as I saw it, I promptly stole the picture by dragging and placed it in my pictures.  I uploaded or it could be down loaded, I don’t know. . .I always get them confused. Anyway, I ran the picture through photo shop.

I croped, brightened, whitened, touched up a little here and there. I placed a little border around the picture that I love and called it a day. . . at the photo shop. After that I ran over to Stephen’s face book page, took off the bad other picture and replaced it with the better edited picture. After all, I read in one of Pioneers Womans posts she just can’t let a picture go without just a little photo shop here or there. 

That’s when my kids started teasing me and calling me a photo snob! 



I’m just a novice playing around with my camera and photo shop. I have NO! idea of what I’m doing. I just like play these things. Besides, as a mother I want my little guys to look as good as they possibly can.

Well? Don’t you honestly think this picture is uhhh much nicer. 


Just look at my them. . .my little boys. . .

I mean, as a mother,  how would you have edited the picture? 

Ni Hao Y'all

8 thoughts on “Me. . . Mothering & A Little Sunday Snapshot

  1. I can tell how much you love Matthew and Stephen. And really, how could you not? They look like wonderful children! I think it is very cute that you edited their picture : ) and popped it back onto facebook. Good for you!


  2. I would have used PhotoShop to recreate the image as they are in my mind, which is just what you did.The boys have to kid you, but I bet they admire you took the time to make them look more handsome!


  3. They'll be adults before you know it! Just ask me….our two sons are going to be 29 and 31 in the next 6 weeks. I adore them just as much as when they were 'boys.' Great photos!


  4. I love when siblings hang out and have fun together. My heart soars when my kids are together. Great picture of your sons – handsome guys 🙂 Love to youGailpeace…..


  5. that is too funny! and yep yours is much better!I didn't run today – yikes – I will tomorrow (my normal day for a run) and hopefully add a mile! Did you run?(I did eat some cookies – yum!)


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