You know how you feel when you put on your best outfit and you just know your beautiful?
This is Liz’s “best outfit”! 

When she puts it on you can tell she feels like a million bucks! The clothes are old and raggy but she doesn’t care. She feels loved in them. 

The T-shirt is her favorite. It came from as she says “My Best Nana and My Best Grandpa”.  The shorts ~ she just likes the blue in them and they have same colors as the t-shirt. In her opinion, it works.  Her shoes have diamonds of all colors on them.  What girl wouldn’t love those.  


Well, she is four and she loves tights! When your four, you can wear anything. If you wear it  with confidence, it works. If you think you look like a million bucks. . . Then, you must and you do.  

We could all learn a lot from a four year old.

5 thoughts on “Feeling like a Million Bucks

  1. YES! I agree! She is a doll! I love tights too. What a wonderful smile. So confident:)I love to see small children in mismatched clothing. It tells me mom feels comfortable with her parenting or dad dressed them.


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